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1500 gallon water storage tank


1500 Girl Reduced Account Water Container

These poly water tanks are used in the farming, industrial, commercial, and property sectors. Offered designs of polyethylene water storage tanks include upright water tanks, rainwater collection tanks, as well as underground water tanks. Poly water tanks are rotationally formed with top quality high density polyethylene material. They are sturdy, rugged, and also immune to impact, tears, as well as leaks. Polyethylene water tanks are normally resistant to corrosion and deterioration, making them a better choice for water storage space over concrete and also iron water tanks. Many are manufactured from FDA approved, food grade virgin polyethylene, NSF 61 certified for long-term use in saving, taking care of, and dispersing potable water.

Polyethylene water storage tanks are designed for water storage only at air pressure only and also airing vent devices must be sized to limit stress or vacuum cleaner to an optimum of 1/2″ water column (0.018 psi). Black and Dark Green are the most preferred Plastic Water Storage Tank shades, therefore we take our Dark Eco-friendly and Black material through an extra process called “Intensifying”. The Intensifying process includes pigment at a high adequate as well as also adequate focus to totally block UV Rays. Although it costs us even more to take our product through this procedure, we know it makes for a much better doing item as well as is a large component of what makes up the “Poly-Mart Difference”.

The polyethylene resin consists of UV preventions to secure versus sunlight degradation of the plastic. They are immune to varying weather condition and temperatures, and also are approved for indoor and also outdoor applications.

Water tanks come conventional with self aired vent, slosh evidence covers, 1.5″fill installations, and 2″drain fittings. Numerous producer tank modifications and also personalization options are available. Alternatives consist of added fittings and also connections, add-on ladders, sight evaluates, warm tracing, insulation, and also tie down systems. Water storage tanks can be personalized based upon individual application need as well as demand. Call Protank for custom-made water container construction, operation inquiries, or for more tank information. Plastic water tank are especially made for the mass storage of water. Likewise called tanks, they are frequently made use of for drinkable drinking water, farm irrigation, rainwater harvesting, local water, and for emergency water and also fire suppression.

Unlike any type of Water Tank cost a Huge Box Store, our storage tanks are night inside which keeps waterborne algae from expanding inside your container as well as creating on-going tank upkeep. Like all of our Vertical Containers, the 1500 Gallon Water Storage Tank is made with 4 Dome Flats on the top of the storage tank as well as 4 Design Flats at the base of the storage tank.

1500 gallon water storage tank

Water Containers are for storage space and also are not designed to be pressurized. Have to utilize versatile ports on all fitting connections per tank maker’s recommendations. For service warranty to be valid, storage tanks have to be set up and used per manufacturer’s standards for usage and setup. 1500 Gallon Water Tank does a good job of restricting most light infiltration. If you are saving water outside in a location that will receive straight sunlight, choosing one of these four colors will be a great choice. Because there are many possible shipment choices as well as freight firms (relying on where you are located in the U.S.), it’s ideal to call or email to request a products quote. Chemtainer Vertical Plastic Storage Tanks are for storage as well as are not designed to be pressurized.

Your Installer or Specialist will value having versatility when additional fittings require to be set up for your details application. If you would like to purchase your storage tank with extra fittings please seek advice from your supplier. Orders calling for extra and also customized suitable placement are subject to extra fees and also fitting cost. Please utilize our technological attracting to communicate where and also what size fittings you would such as.

Vertical water tank are freestanding as well as do not require added support. Available colors consist of black, green, beige, grey, white, red as well as yellow, with some light and also dark variant choices. Opaque storage tanks restrict sunlight infiltration, lessening algae development. Polyethylene water tanks are offered in a wide variety of dimensions as well as capacities.

Chemtainer Industries is a leading North American manufacturer of exclusive rotationally molded polyethylene tanks for above ground water & fluid storage applications. Like all of our Upright Storage Tanks, the Poly-Mart 1500 Gallon Water Tank is created with 4 molded-in Dome Flats on the top of the storage tank and 4 Design Flats at the base of the container. Your Installer or Service provider will certainly love having adaptability when needing to mount additional fittings for your application.

Tanks are made from FDA approved direct polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors and also created for the containment of liquids of up to 1.0 details gravity. The Wide Manhole opening enables you to collect the maximum quantity of water right into your container.


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