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2002 honda accord water pump


To Replace The

Changing the water pump on your Honda can either be a straightforward effort or a long, challenging procedure. Everything depends upon your design, it’s age, and also where the water pump is located. If the water pump on your Honda is leaking, you have a problem.

Less costly replacement pumps are available, but they may just have a service life of 30,000 miles. A tiny crowbar can be made use of to maintain the valve cover tilted up while the top belt cover is removed. The Honda F23 collection engine is a 2.3 liter, all-aluminum block, 16-valve, single expenses camshaft electric motor made use of in the Honda Accord (1994– 2002) and also Acura CL (2.3 L). Timing belt failure may cause either the intake or exhaust valves bending after speaking to the pistons. If the belt has broken, a compression leakage examination is recommended to figure out if the shutoffs call for substitute. Compression leakage from any one of the cyndrical tubes will certainly require the removal of the cylinder head. If compression leakage is present, assessment as well as rebuild of the head by a credible automotive factory is recommended instead of doing-it-yourself.

  • The bolts are torqued in sequence using an adjusted inch pound torque wrench.
  • Compression leakage from any one of the cyndrical tubes will certainly call for the elimination of the cyndrical tube head.
  • Exactly how to Downshift a Guidebook Transmission VehicleA described, detailed guide on downshifting a hands-on transmission car, with video clip tutorials.
  • Consult your vehicle proprietor’s manual to see the Honda Accord water pump substitute routine.

There are 5 bolts that safeguard the water pump to the engine. If mounting a brand-new pump, the setup of a brand-new O-ring is advised. Hand tighten all the screws after that use the last torque with a 3/8″ outlet wrench. Do not over torque. The valve cover should be eliminated or raised to eliminate the upper timing belt cover. A brand-new shutoff cover gasket is extremely recommended to prevent future gasket leakages. Applying RTV sealer to the old gasket does not work to stop or avoid oil leaks from the shutoff cover gasket.

A stopping working water pump can also leakage creating additional loss of coolant. Water pumps are developed to last at least 100,000 miles, nonetheless, if your water pump fails, you should change it with a top notch original-equipment degree system.

2002 honda accord water pump

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A coolant leakage is a sign the water pump’s seals and gaskets have worn out. It’s not uncommon for these to dry up, fracture, or break over time. Engine coolant will certainly be seen under the front-center of the car. A complaining audio may suggest that the water pump wheel has actually come loose, or the bearings that operate the device are worn. If the water pump has fallen short, the engine temperature will certainly run warm as well as it will certainly overheat. The only way to solve the issue, as well as make your cars and truck drivable once more before even more damage is done, is to change the pump.


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