2004 chevy silverado water pump

The Water Pump

One more point to bear in mind is that some water pumps are less complicated to get to than others. The more your engine requires to be disassembled to access the water pump, the higher the labor costs. The price of changing the water pump on your Chevrolet depends upon the model.

Assistance the water pump as you pull the last bolt. Some coolant may spill as soon as you work it loosened. Both the tensioner and also thermostat are mounted to the water pump. It is simpler to eliminate them when the water pump is held safely to the engine. If the water pump in your Silverado needs changing, it would certainly be prudent to likewise change the thermostat. Some GM thermostat installations have a diameter of 51mm, while others have been changed to 48mm.

If this holds true your truck will not carry out like you check out in the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 evaluations. Don’t drive your Silverado if you experience this. On some engines, the water pump is conveniently accessible.

The age of your vehicle could affect the expense too. Tighten the six bolts in a crisscross pattern to 132 inch-lbs, and after that again to 22 ft-lbs.

Look into all the heating & cooling systems partsavailable on NAPA Online or count on one of our 17,000 NAPA AutoCare places for routine maintenance and repairs. To learn more on water pump replacement, conversation with an experienced specialist at your neighborhood NAPA CAR COMPONENTS shop. These kinds of emergency repair services can occur to anybody at any time, so be prepared as well as do not obtain caught unsuspecting.

Re-install the belt tensioner, and tighten up the bolts to 37 ft-lbs. Setting the gasket onto the flange, as well as install the thermostat as well as joint. Make use of a razor scrape to eliminate any recurring adhesive from the engine block mating surfaces. Be careful not to reduce the hose pipes or gouge the metal nozzles with inaccurate tools. Measure the amount of drained pipes coolant, so you have an approximate total up to include after setup. Lift the duct slightly, and also make use of a flat head screwdriver to tear the intake air duct bracket off the clip attached to the top radiator tube.

Make use of the 10mm outlet wrench to remove both bolts that secure the thermostat elbow joint. Some coolant may splash once you loosen up the elbow.

2004 chevy silverado water pump

On others, it can be concealed under a tangle of other engine components. If that holds true you, may require to get rid of the radiator, hose pipes, wheels and a myriad of other parts to get to it.

Guarantee that the water pump, thermostat, and thermostat elbow fitting are all compatible for this Do It Yourself job, particularly if you order aftermarket components. If your truck is approaching 100,000 miles, this would be a good time to alter the coolant also.