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2004 chevy tahoe water pump



If you discover these signs and symptoms, view the temperature gauge to guarantee the truck does not overheat. Without coolant being flowed, the engine will certainly get too hot, leading to early wear as well as damages. A failing water pump can likewise leakage creating additional loss of coolant. Less expensive replacement pumps are readily available, however they might only have a life span of 30,000 miles. I have an ’03 Z-71 typical cab with only 35K. My water pump started dripping at about 28k.

  • When the coolant level has actually supported, replace the growth container cap and also allow the engine still until the top radiator hose pipe ends up being hot.
  • Observe the pressure to see if it goes down.
  • When executing significant work under the hood, constantly detach the adverse battery terminal for security.
  • This procedure is duplicated over and also over as you drive down the street.

Likewise had the air bag sensing unit and also the tailgate wires replaced. Whatever else is working perfectly and also I actually enjoy my truck. I will certainly acquire one more GM vehicle prior to my extensive service warranty is ended.

Some coolant may splash when you loosen up the elbow. If the water pump in your Silverado needs replacing, it would certainly be sensible to also change the thermostat.

Find the water pump in the center of the front of the engine. When your water pump fails, no coolant is distributing, enabling your engine to warm up very quickly. This will cause your engine to overheat, as well as you don’t intend to reach that factor. Your water pump is the heart of your engine’s air conditioning system, regularly distributing fluid throughout your engine maintaining whatever running efficiently. If it falls short, you’ve obtained a problem. If you’re a competent DIY-er and also your water pump is more readily easily accessible, it is feasible to replace your own water pump. But to be on the safe side, changing a water pump is a work normally best left to a specialist Chevrolet auto mechanic.

An excellent band wrench can work with the sheave. Do not intend on usage a vice either. The water pump and also follower will not secure to a vice. Make use of the 10mm outlet wrench to remove the 6 screws that protect the water pump. Support the water pump as you pull the last bolt. Some coolant may splash once you work it loosened.

Your automobile’s Chevrolet Tahoe Water Pump is powered by the follower belt at the front of the motor or by the timing belt. Usual issues connected with Chevrolet Tahoe Water Pumps consist of leaking coolant, smashed bearings and also a rusty impeller.

Install the belt around the wheels, and rotate the auto-tensioner with adequate slack to finish. It might be easier to route the last portion under the smooth idler wheel. Re-install the belt tensioner, and also tighten the screws to 37 ft-lbs. Make use of a razor scrape to eliminate any recurring adhesive from the engine block breeding surfaces.

I recommend a snug on the bolts for anyone that owns the 5.3 electric motors. You can conveniently fit an outlet on all 6 bolts with the follower installed. A leaking water pump is commonly the cause of coolant smell, and also an expansion container that commonly needs topping off. Although it may not blow out like a hose pipe, the water pump will certainly become worse.

2004 chevy tahoe water pump

Purchase or lease a pressure tester from an auto components store. The pressure tester is designed to use pressure to the coolant system and push coolant where it is leaking. Notification the dripping coming out of the water pump. The leakage will certainly be a solid stream of coolant. If the water pump on your Chevrolet is leaking, you have a concern.


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