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3 letter word for body of water


Synonyms For Body Of Water

Shallows– a body of relatively shallow salt or brackish water divided from the much deeper sea by a shallow or subjected sandbank, reef, or similar function. Harbor– a synthetic or normally occurring body of water where ships are saved or might shelter from the ocean’s weather and also currents.

3 letter word for body of water

Attract– a normally dry creek bed or gulch that temporarily fills with water after a hefty rain, or seasonally. Drainage container– a region of land where water from rainfall or snowmelt drains downhill right into an additional body of water, such as a river, lake, or storage tank. Network– the physical confine of a river, slough or sea strait containing a bed and also banks. Billabong– an oxbow lake in Australia; a pond or still body of water developed when a river adjustments course as well as some water comes to be entraped.

A body of water or waterbody is any kind of considerable buildup of water, normally on an earth’s surface area. The term most often describes oceans, seas, and also lakes, yet it consists of smaller swimming pools of water such as fish ponds, marshes, or even more seldom, pools. Loch– a body of water such as a lake, sea inlet, firth, fjord, tidewater or bay. Bodies of water that are navigable are called rivers. Some bodies of water accumulate and also relocate water, such as rivers as well as streams, and also others largely hold water, such as lakes as well as oceans. Canal– an artificial river, normally attached to existing lakes, rivers, or seas. The term is utilized for lakes, inlets, oceans, as well as parts of an ocean.

Clean– a typically dry creek bed or gulch that momentarily full of water after a hefty rainfall, or seasonally. Wadi– a usually-dry creek bed or gulch that briefly fills with water after a hefty rain, or seasonally; situated in North Africa and Western Asia. Stream– a body of water with an obvious present, constrained within a bed as well as banks. Sea– a large expanse of saline water gotten in touch with an ocean, or a large, normally saline, lake that lacks an all-natural electrical outlet such as the Caspian Sea and also the Dead Sea. Alike usage, commonly associated with the ocean. Pond– a body of water smaller than a lake, specifically those of synthetic origin. Pool– various small bodies of water such as a swimming pool, showing swimming pool, fish pond, or pool.

The only problem is that it normally refers to salt water, and use of the term on a freshwater lake would certainly be “unusual”. But for where a ship can go, that would certainly be “accessible waters”. I believe that sea, ocean, as well as gulf are all used especially for sure types of large bodies of water as well as belong to their particular . Open up water may be the most effective general term, yet mileage might differ depending on its details usage in your writing. Vernal swimming pool– a shallow, natural depression in degree ground, without long-term above-ground outlet, that holds water seasonally. Firth– various seaside waters, such as big sea bays, estuaries, inlets, as well as straits. Delta– the area where a river flows right into a sea, sea, tidewater, lake, or tank.


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