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a pump increases the water pressure from 70 kpa


Pump Power

Steam is bled from a generator to supply 2 MW of process warmth in a chemical plant at 200 deg-C as displayed in the schematic to make sure that state 4 is saturated fluid water at 200 deg-C. At the turbine inlet (state-1) heavy steam is at 5 MPa, 500 deg-C and at the wind turbine leave the pressure is 10 kPa. Establish the top quality of steam at the turbine exit, the hemorrhage pressure in MPa, the bleed price, as well as the mass circulation price at the generator inlet if the power result is 2 MW. Vapor enters the condenser of a heavy steam nuclear power plant at 30 kPa, a high quality of 90% and a mass flow rate of 300 kg/min. It leaves the condenser as saturated fluid at 30 kPa.

Overlooking any type of warmth losses, identify the mass flow rate of the cooling water as well as the rate of decline generation in the system. Heavy steam enters a shut feedwater heating system at 1.1 MPa, 200 o C and leaves as saturated fluid at the exact same stress. Feedwater gets in the heating system at 2.5 MPa, 50 o C as well as leaves 12 o C below the leave temperature level of steam at the same stress. Neglecting any kind of heat losses, determine the mass flow rate ratio as well as the worsening generation rate in the gadget and also its environments. Saturated liquid water streams gradually into a well-insulated electric water heater (see Anim.) with a mass flow price of 1 kg/s at 100 kPa.

The ambient weather are 100 kPa as well as 20 o C. Superheated vapor with a state of 450 o C, 1.8 MPa streams into an adiabatic mixing chamber at a price of 0.3 kg/s. A second stream of completely dry, saturated water vapor at 1.8 MPa goes into the chamber at a price of 0.1 kg/s. There is no pressure loss in the system and the exit stress is likewise 1.8 MPa. Determine the mass flow rate, temperature level of the exit circulation and also the degeneration generation rate throughout mixing. Steam at 4 MPa, 600 o C enters a protected generator operating at stable state with a mass circulation price of 5 kg/s and leaves at 200 kPa.

Figure out the electric power usage, and the price of decline generation in the hot water heater’s cosmos if the heater transforms water right into saturated vapor at the departure. Presume no stress loss, overlook adjustments in ke and also pe, and also utilize the PC model.

Vapor enters a wind turbine operating at consistent state with a mass flow price of 1.5 kg/s. At the inlet, the stress is 6 MPa, the temperature level is 500 o C, and the rate is 20 m/s. At the exit, the pressure is 0.5 MPa, the high quality is 0.95( 95%), as well as the velocity is 75 m/s.

a pump increases the water pressure from 70 kpa

It is to be cooled down by water from a nearby river by flowing the water via televisions within the condenser. To stop thermal contamination, the river water is not allowed to experience a temperature level surge over 5 o C. Determine the mass circulation rate of the cooling water as well as the decline generation price in the heat exchanger. Refrigerant-134a at 900 kPa, 75 o C and also a mass circulation price of 9.5 kg/s is to be cooled by water in an insulated condenser until it departures as a saturated liquid at the very same stress. The cooling water gets in the condenser at 290 kPa, 11 o C and also leaves at 32 o C at the exact same stress.


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