atwood water heater circuit board testing

Dometic Hot Water Heater 96160

Re-arch the springy contacts in the edge connector with a dental expert’s pick. After researching the diagrams I assume I recognize what the trouble is, however obtaining the correct part may be hard. Both the Emergency situation Cut OFF and also digital water temperature switches need to be on for the heater to stir up. The substitute pair from Atwood look a like as well as are not significant, so I presume they are identical.

atwood water heater circuit board testing

If I have intermittent procedure, I change the thermostat and also ECO package as well as the thermal fuse. Make certain the springs are holding the ECO and thermostat tight to the tank. The thermostat ECO kit with foam insulation is Atwood 91447. You can get the whole package for $15.00. PS, YES a qualified Professional WILL know the temp of the water when screening. If you check out the back of the thermostats, one will say 62C and one will claim 80C. Completing the CAPTCHA confirms you are a human and provides you temporary access to the web residential property.

Poor or rusty wire links create most of the intermittent troubles in hot water heater. My daughter’s family is out camping. After 2 evening, there has only been 1 time where the water heater did NOT re-light. Still discouraging, yet I do not believe that we will ever address it.

Second, I after re-reading my original blog post, I recognize I did NOT define the signs! The water heater lights as quickly as you transform it on, showing that the ECO and also thermostat switches, shutoff as well as ignition are all working. The trouble occurs AFTER the water has been heated and also it is cooling down.

JetCare’s and also OB’s info must suffice for you to test those parts and establish if any one of them is bad. The only modification I carry out in all the Attwood 6 girl, is change out the 140 thermostat for a 120. Use an Ohm meter and determine the ECO and also thermostat. Measure for resistance in between the contact as well as the various other brown wire.

Terminals on the t-stat/ECO ought to not move as well as wire spade connectors should take place the terminals tight. T-stat as well as ECO must make clean consistent direct contact with container wall. No, do not use any kind of chemical between units as well as tank. Ensure the container is free from any kind of deterioration.