bradford white water heater pilot light goes out


If your gas hot water heater doesn’t remain lit, you might have a defective thermocouple. Many gas discharged water heaters use a standing pilot to spark the main burner. The gas for the pilot assembly is supplied by the major gas valve and also is checked by the thermocouple. The thermocouple is a heat picking up probe that becomes part of the pilot setting up and also sits just over the pilot flame.

When the pilot light is functioning effectively, the thermocouple will produce a tiny voltage that is fed back to the gas shutoff to maintain the gas moving to the pilot light. If the thermocouple is faulty, it will certainly not notice the fire and also the gas shutoff will certainly not get the correct voltage signal to keep gas streaming to the pilot assembly. The thermocouple probe beings in the pilot fire continuously as well as will at some point stress out. Evaluating the thermocouple calls for special test devices and as a result replacing it is generally one of the most practical method of troubleshooting. Verify that the pilot fire is tidy and also contacts completion of the probe fully prior to condemning the thermocouple.

  • Many gas discharged hot water heater use a standing pilot to fire up the primary burner.
  • A thermocouple detects the warmth of the pilot and also allows gas to flow to the burner.
  • If you do, leave the house and call your gas utility.
  • Be sure to transform the valve one-quarter turn so that the manage goes to a best angle to the pipeline, as in this image.

Thermocouple as well as thermopile are different. Thermopile is basically numerous thermocouples combined as well as creates more existing than thermocouple. Thermocouples are utilized with older-style mechanical gas control shutoffs that have a round dial on front.

An 8-year old heater would have an “auto-reset” thermal cut-off button built into the pilot setting up, to secure the burner area from overheating, these can go bad. Was that replaced when the thermocouple was replaced? For modern heating units it is recommended to change the entire pilot assembly, not simply the thermocouple. A negative thermocouple will turn off gas to both the pilot and the heater so the pilot burner will not remain lit.

bradford white water heater pilot light goes out

An additional fast upgrade for anybody who has the water heater and is having these troubles. I put a follower blowing on it from concerning 5 or 6 feet away, in situation it had not been obtaining enough combustion air, as well as currently it is working fine. The fire still looks identical, with yellow suggestions, yet it’s working. Maybe the positive air pressure is making it so the exhaust gases are going up the flue quicker, who recognizes.