bradford white water heater pilot light

Bradford White Hot Water Heating Unit Pilot Flame

We had difficulty discovering the reset button, however we attempted to press what looked like a black reset button, but it would certainly hold one’s ground. Also, we had problem translucenting the window, because out system is in a box, therefore we needed to set up a mirror to attempt to see in.

bradford white water heater pilot light

Thanks all for your comments and ideas. I called a firm as well as demanded an “experienced technician” as opposed to a “trained” one. They sent me out a person with over twenty years experience with all kinds of hot water heating systems.

Sometimes it’s less expensive to replace the unit than trying to fix it. I don’t believe that you need to disconnect the system to keep gas from streaming. After the pilot heads out, the system will stop the gas.

I come onto this website occasionally and also dream I caught this set quicker. Yes all the brand-new waterheaters produce today are super effective as well as tidy to run. I am in sales which is one of things I discover during item training. I have actually lived in your home for 5 years, as well as it was built one decade earlier. I found that it is the original warm water heater, which the guarantee expired. I’ll be replacing the device quickly, despite the fact that it searches in incredible problem. Sorry, however I provided the identification number instead of the version number.

The installer did not put his name on the receipt, therefore we needed to discover the cancelled check to get the name of the installer. After that it took me a while to discover his phone number, which we called as well as left a message on voice mail. He provided us no warranty information, but we do have the guidebook, which is not useful. A number of lights around residence flicker once in a while.