bride of the water god ep 12

Watch Bride-to-be Of The Water God Episode 12 English Subtitles Complete Hd

For Moo Ra, it matters not what he does. Just make her ignore Habaek. 1.200 years ago, humans sacrificed a woman to the water god. Habaek took her in and fell for her.

During that time the King of the wind country was hoggish. He was looking to ruin the realm and also restore it in the method he wanted to. For that, he needed Habaek’s power. He promised Nak Bin eternal life if she would certainly supply a curse to Habaek. The curse burglarized Habaek of his power’s throughout the day as well as returned him back to a kid.

bride of the water god ep 12

Moo Ra informs the tale of Nak Container a human provided as a sacrifice for the gods. Lord Habaek really feel crazy with Nak Container.

The king of Skies nation attempted to produce a new power structure of the Realm of the gods. The king of skies nation thought taking Lord Habaek’s powers will promote. The king of Skies country informed Nak Container she could accomplish immortality if she would betray Lord Habaek. Episode 12 finishes with a pleased reunion. I question what would certainly take place to him if he simply stayed in the human globe. Perhaps it’s different with the water god himself.

Moo Ra featured an agenda of her very own. She desires Hoo Ye to take So Ah and also make her his. Regardless of what he might assume, she does not want people to suffer because of the video games of the gods. If she was really worried concerning So Ah, Hoo Ye solutions, would not she ask him to make her happy as opposed to simply taking her?

  • The king of Sky nation told Nak Bin she might attain immortality if she would certainly betray Lord Habaek.
  • Moo Ra informs the story of Nak Container a human used as a sacrifice for the gods.
  • The king of Sky country tried to produce a new power structure of the Realm of the gods.
  • Lord Habaek feel in love with Nak Container.

Maybe there will not be any more water because he’s ‘Nature’ and also all that jazz. Moo Ra goes to Hoo Ye’s office. Moo Ra validates that Habaek went back to water nation. What was it that she wanted in return. Hoo Ye informs her that if he ‘d currently recognized he would not have actually asked her


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