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Phone Call Of Water

When you run west in the direction of Astranaar over the road, quickly when you go into the area, there’s a path southern. Just a little additional is the lake with the island between.

loot, ideal click the fire pot, full. wait a minute, talk with the small manifestation of water.

there are TONS of lvl elementals bordering it, but if you have l33t ninja kills like i did, you can sneak your way in as well as get the sample. The fountain is in the facility of a small circle of stonehenge-esqe stones.

I had to kill 5 or 6 elementals (lvl 22-23) to reach the water fountain. go to behind the column in silverpine woodland axidos stated above. drink water sapta, eliminate the important that u can attack.

back to barrens obtain your emblem from islen waterseer. Definitely the very best means to do this is not via Ashenvale in all. Go using the passage from windshear craig; go east and also a little north to stardust damages. The water is in a birdbath on a small island determined on map as stardust ruins. Deal with some elementals, R-clicked ont heaven bag in supply near birdbath and it filled itself instantly. Possibly using this path will be less problem than the road, after that cross-country. The Fountain is on an island in the center of a little, greenish lake.


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