Water Type Pokemon Carried in a Backpack

Pokemon Go has been a massive hit since its release last summer. The game allows players to capture wild Pokemon while exploring their local area.

But there's one thing that people aren't aware of - Pokemon Go isn't a game. It's also a way to get out and explore your local area.

WATER is one of the 12 types of Pokémon. There are many water-type Pokémon in the game, but only a few can be stored in a backpack. Here are some examples: 

Feebas: it is hard to find, but you can get it by fishing with a good rod -Blastoise: one of the strongest 

Tentacruel: It has eight tentacles and appears in many generations.  Choosing the best Pokemon to take on a long journey for a backpack should consider trainers' needs. The advantage of water types is that they can attack from almost any location.

This means that they have the option to use attacks like Hydro Pump or Surf when needed. When it comes to power, there's no better solution than Blastoise! 

Pokemon Mini Backpack

Pokemon mini backpacks are small bags designed to hold all your favorite pocket monsters. Various sizes are available, so you'll always have something to fit all your favorites! These little bags also make great gifts or stocking stuffers.

You can choose between two designs - one featuring Pikachu and another featuring Charizard. The bag comes with zipper closure, a top handle, and a removable shoulder strap. Each pack contains enough space for up to 6 Pocket Monsters inside.

If you want more room, add extra pockets. For example, if you wanted to store 7 Pocket Monsters, you would need two additional pockets. You can choose from red, blue, or yellow.

Pokemon Carry Case

When riding a bike or walking, you can store a Pokemon case for safekeeping. The case also protects them against damage during transport.

This product includes two compartments inside, which will hold up to 6 Pokéballs each. You can choose between 3 different colors depending on what color suits you better.

You can use this item as often as you want without having to worry about damaging your Pokémon.

It's very easy to open thanks to its unique design. Press down on the button located at the top right corner of the box and lift upwards until the lid opens. You can place your Pokéball inside of the compartment. To close the container, push back downwards on the same button.

The case can fit more Pokéballs if you remove the cover entirely and fold out the sides.

Carrying cases are helpful in dangerous areas when there are snakes, spiders, etc. The main purpose of these items is to protect your valuable possessions while on a trip. They also protect against rain, dust, dirt, sand, snow, hail, wind, heat, and cold.

There are different types of Pokemon carrying cases depending on what you want to store inside. Some of those include backpacks, bags, boxes, trunks, and more. In this section, we will discuss each category's advantages and disadvantages.


A backpack is usually made out of durable materials like leather, nylon, plastic, canvas, etc. Backpacks come in various sizes and shapes. Most people prefer using backpacks over any other storage device due to their versatility.

This Pikachu backpack from Target is perfect for kids who need lots of space. Backpacks with side mesh pockets and a large primary zipper compartment are ideal for children.

What does water-type pokemon mean?

Water-type Pokemon is the Pokemon that specializes in the Water-type. They are usually very strong against fire-type moves such as Flamethrower and Ember. Some water-type Pokemon even specialize in ice-type moves like Blizzard and Icicle Crash.

It isn't too important what kind of water-type Pokemon you start with. You may end up finding yourself using an entirely new species later down the line.

How do I know which water-type Pokémon to start with?

As long as you know which water type you'll be using first. You can change your starting water type later on down the line. Yet, you might be tempted to stick to your original water type the whole time. If so, here are a couple of things to bear in mind.

Which water-type Pokemon will help me on my journeys?

If you decide to go with a water-type starter, make sure it suits your play style.

How do I know which water-type Pokémon to choose as my starting point?

To start, we must first understand how each type works. Each type has different strengths and weaknesses. Fire Types are strong against Ice Type moves, while Ground Types are weak against Rock Type moves. So knowing these things helps us decide whether our new Pokémon is going to work well together.

The following table shows all the known water types and their abilities.

Type Ability Weakness/Strength

  • Ice Type Moves are effective against fire-type moves.
  • Rock Type Moves are ineffective against ice-type moves.
  • Ground Type Moves are ineffective against rock-type moves.
  • Flying Type Moves are ineffective against ground-type moves.
  • Psychic Type Moves are ineffective against flying type moves.
  • Fire Type Moves are ineffective against psychic type moves.
  • Bug Type Moves are ineffective against bug-type moves.
  • Grass Type Moves are ineffective against grass-type moves.

Which water-type Pokémon will help on my journey?

In case you decide not to catch any water-type Pokémon, don't worry. There are plenty around to catch.

Why would I want to take a water-type Pokémon along on my travels? A lot of people enjoy traveling alone or with friends who aren't interested in battling. In this case, carrying a water-type Pokémon makes sense.

These creatures are great companions when you're out exploring the world. They can keep you company while you search for rare items and battle wild Pokémon.

What if I'm not interested in battling?

This isn't necessary, though. The main reason why people travel with a companion is to fight battles. But if you want to explore, then you won't miss out on anything important. All you need to remember is that water-type attacks are more powerful than those of other types.

How do I use water-type Pokémon?

As mentioned above, water-type Pokémon excels in attacking from almost every position. It's for this reason that they are often combined with another Pokémon that also benefits from this ability.

Where can I store them?

You'll notice that there are two slots available at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. You can put up to 2 Pokémon into either slot. When you select a Pokémon, its name will appear next to the slot.

To move a Pokémon between slots, press the button corresponding to the desired slot. Once inside a slot, pressing Y will bring up the menu shown below. From here, you can release your Pokémon. Pressing Z will return you to the main menu.

Once released, a Pokémon cannot be moved again until it returns to its original location.

Can I change where I place my Pokémon after releasing it?

Yes! Hold L + R to swap locations.

I dropped my Pokémon. What now?

Don't panic! Tap B twice to drop your Pokémon onto the floor. Your Pokémon will reattach itself to your belt.

Are there any other advantages to having a water-type Pokémon?

Of course! Here are some other reasons why you might choose to take a water type along on your journeys:

1) If you have a Pokémon that uses Hydro Pump, Surf, Thunder Wave, etc., these moves may damage your own Pokémon. Since water-type Pokémon resist all electric-type moves, they can fend off these attacks.

2) Since water-type Pokémon are resistant to poison moves, they can protect themselves.

3) Some water-type Pokémon are powerful. For example, Feebas is considered to be one of the hardest Pokemon to get.

4) Many water-type Pokémon like Blastoise and Tentacruel are fast.

Does anything else need to be considered before taking a water-type Pokémon along? Well... yes! Several factors need to be considered before embarking on a journey with a water-type Pokémon. First off, make sure you know how to catch them.

Then, try to avoid fighting against others who don't share your goal. Finally, always check what kind of terrain you're traveling through. As we've seen, water-type Pokémon are particularly effective in rivers or lakes. So, if possible, look for areas where you can cross over bodies of water.

How do you find Detective Pikachu?

Researchers can now receive special rewards through the Detective Pikachu event. 

Detective Pikachu is a new event for Pokémon GO. Niantic added rewards for catching Pokémon or visiting Pokestops in a recent update.

Top 5 Tips and Tricks to Find Rare Spawns in Pokemon GO! (2021 Working Rare Pokemon Guide)

How do you find Detective Pikachu?

Researchers can now receive special rewards through the Detective Pikachu event. In-game items related to Detective Pikachu are also available in the store.

Detective Pikachu is based on the popular Detective Pikachu video game, anime, and manga series. 

Pokémon Go: Detective Pikachu How to catch it

The first step towards catching Detective Pikachu yourself is finding him. You can do this by using your phone's GPS location services to see where he appears. Click on the right-hand icon in the bottom right corner when you have located him.

This should take you to the spot where he currently resides. If you don't see any icons, then try tapping again.

Are there any items you should include in your survival kit?

1) Water purification tablets. These are available from most pharmacies and grocery stores. They will help keep water safe if bacteria or viruses contaminate it.

2) Food bars/energy gels. When eaten alone or mixed with other foods, this type of food bar provides various nutrients. On rainy days or during the winter, this article can help you decide which Pokemon to catch on a rainy day!

To begin, you need to choose what kind of Pokemon you would like to capture. There are three main categories: Normal/Fighting, Fire/Flying, and Electric/Poison. Each category contains different kinds of Pokemon. In addition to poisons, we have flying Pokémon like Snorlax, Gyarados, Dragonites, etc.

Now choose the number of Pokemon you'd like to catch based on how much time you have available. Then head outside and start walking around until you see a Pokemon nearby.

Pokemon Go - Detective Pikachu Catch & Detective Raichu Evolution


Some of the water-type Pokemon can be carried in a backpack. This means that they are not limited to their Pokeball and tanks. You don't have to worry about them being released too early, and they can still fight off other wild Pokemon.

This water-type Pokemon is carried in a backpack, so it will be helpful when the player is traveling. Therefore, players can add more inventory space and utilize certain Pokemon.


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