How To Get To Chamber Of Water Chest In Destiny 2: Step-By-Step Guide

As usual, Destiny 2 has received its weekly update. This update made lots of people happy. It gave many people something to do. The main attraction is the new location added to the latest update. The new location is called the Chamber of Water Chests Destiny 2. This is a place where players will get to fight for a chest. The chamber of water chests destiny 2 is located on the Leviathan ship. It is located in the hangar.Enter your text here...

Chamber of Water Chest Destiny 2

The Chamber of Water chest location is located in the upper right corner of the Leviathan hangar. To access the chamber of water chests, you first need to go to the Lighthouse, located in the Chamber's heart of Water. Once you are in the Lighthouse, you will need to hit up the pause menu. From the pause menu, select anything you have not yet unlocked.

The recommendation is to do this with Peloton. Once you have Peloton unlocked, you will fast travel to the Lighthouse. When you arrive at the Lighthouse, you are brought into the room where the chests are located. To get to the chests, you need first to head up the stairs. From the top of the stairs, there is a path to the right. This path takes you to a broken-down door, which is the way to the Chest of Water.

How do I get there?

It’s pretty easy. Players can get there by defeating The Fated Engrams In the Voodoo District on the Leviathan. It is on the southeast corner of the hangar. Also, they can fight the Gargoyle Pinnacle on to by the payphone in the Chamber. It is at the north end of the building. After completing these tasks, players can head to the Chamber of Water chest in the Voodoo district. When is the next chest?

The next chest will be opened after you complete two Crucible matches. You will get two engrams for each game and an extra reward at the end. The reward will depend on which challenge you complete. The first challenge is to defeat all enemy players at the Voodoo district. This reward will be a Voidfury for completing the first challenge.

What can I do there?

Like every new location, you have a lot of options available. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get to the chamber of water in Destiny 2. There are several routes. However, finish all of them to get a reward for this area. We are going to start with a specific step to do this. How to Get to the Chamber of Water:

You have to complete the campaign to access the “Twilight of the Machine” mission. This is a prequel story to the “Separation” mission, one of the main quests for Destiny 2. The mission is located in the patrol zone. It starts with you being on the Telesto. This means that you will be traveling there on foot. Once you get there, you will be required to talk to someone in a specific location.

How do I get the chest?

The simplest way is to complete the weekly task, Weekly Engram Challenge. You can complete this challenge by doing all of the following: Pick up all week 3 Engrams. Bring any level 20 Guardians to the Crucible or Xur at the new Lighthouse hub. The weekly engram challenge will appear in the appropriate location.

It may take up to 10 minutes to appear. After you have completed these things, you will be rewarded a chest that contains a random weapon or armor piece. Once you have opened the chest, you will receive your prize. GOT YO MONEY? | In-game store now up and running for Destiny 2!

Step 1 Find the Chamber of Water

If you don’t know where the chamber is, you can check the maps here. This location is on the lower level of the ship. Keep in mind the location of the chamber will shift over time. You might get there and not see it. This means the location might be changing, or you might have to keep checking back.

Check Your Fuel Canister Before you head onto the chamber, make sure you have your fuel canister filled. If you don’t have one, go out into the sun, and you should be able to find one for less than a crystal. Many players can get it quickly; make sure to backtrack and get one if you don’t.

The Chamber Of Water Once you have the fuel canister, head on down to the tank on the right side of the right ramp. There is a chest just past it.

Step 2 Complete the Challenge

To reach the chamber of water chests, there are a couple of steps to complete. The first step is to complete the challenge, called the Chamber of Water. There are 5 challenges in total. One of them requires you to defeat 11 enemies in a row and kill them in any order. Another one requires you to do a push-up challenge.

As you can tell from the names, these are hard. The idea behind these challenges is to kill enemies as fast as possible and take the most extended time possible. The points for each challenge are not all that big. For example, you need 8 kills in a row to complete the challenge. However, it will make you a better hunter overall. For some of these challenges, your maximum maybe 6 kills.

Step 3 Get Reward

It will take four hours and forty minutes to get the contents inside the chest. The chests will contain most, if not all, armor pieces. This will require you to beat your current Prestige or Power level as the armor pieces are only for those players.

The chests will allow you to get: Light level 90 Armour: This is an award that can be won by completing multiplayer or raids activities. Armor grade 27 – Armour grade 30 gear: This is an award that can be won by completing multiplayer or raids activities. Armor grade 41 – Armour grade 42 gear: This is an award that can be won by completing multiplayer or raids activities.

What do I do when I’m in the Chamber of Water?

There are two ways to complete the new mission; the first is to kill Crucible enemies. The other is by fighting what is referred to as a giant rat. The giant rat is essentially a Moblinsaurus. The Moblin’saurus is a high-end version of the Rat Pox. However, players need to earn a considerable task to get this ship.

How To Complete The Giant Rat Hunting Mission The higher-level version of this mission requires players to kill up to five Moblin’saurus. There are no minimum skills needed to complete this mission. However, killing five Moblin’saurus is tough. Players need to use only one or two abilities to kill these enemies. After a few efforts, players should have a second Moblin’saurus that is not easier than the first.


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