eva cassidy the water is wide

Eva Cassidy

The song was played repetitively as component of the soundtrack to the film The River Wild. Bob Dylan and also Joan Baez made a version of the track for Bob Dylan’s 1978 movie, Renaldo as well as Clara. Neil Youthful composed brand-new, ecologically themed verses to the tune, and recorded it as “Mother Earth” on his 1990 album Ragged Splendor. O Waly Waly might be sometimes a certain verse, occasionally a family tree of verses, sometimes Jamie Douglas, often one tune or one more with the correct meter, and also sometimes versions of the modern-day collection The Water is Wide. Benjamin Britten utilized the tune and knowledgeables of The Water is Wide for his plan– which does not have the O Waly, Waly knowledgeable, yet is entitled Waly, Waly. A various melody is utilized for the track When Cockleshells transform Silver Bells, also subtitled Waly, Waly. Yet an additional tune for O Waly, Waly is connected with the Lord Jamie Douglas lyric.

The Breton team Tri Yann also tape-recorded a French version “La Mer est sans fin”, in addition to a Breton variation “Divent an ugly”. The first French variation is “La mer est tremendous” by the New Zealand vocalist Graeme Allwright on his 1966 cd Joue, joue, joue.

The modern-day The Water Is Wide was promoted by Pete Seeger in the individual rebirth. There have been numerous succeeding variations of the song and numerous names– including Waly, Waly, There is a Ship, and also Cockleshells– which make use of and re-use different choices of lyrics. As well as, in the Dunkerque carnival, they sing “putain d’Islande” based on the exact same melody.

French singer Renaud helped make the song well-known among French-speaking nations. He wrote pacifist verses to the tune “La ballade nord-irlandaise” (the Northern-Irish Ballad) for his 1991 cd Marchand de cailloux, evoking the troubles of Northern Ireland.

eva cassidy the water is wide

The thirtieth cd of the band Oregon called Light, launched in 2017 on CAM Jazz, contains a variation of the tune as set up by Paul McCandless. American jazz musician Charles Lloyd videotaped The Water Is Wide, a CD launched in 2000 on ECM Records with Lloyd John Abercrombie, Brad Mehldau, Larry Grenadier (double-bass), and also Billy Higgins. The Charles Lloyd Quartet released another variation of the track on the Mirror CD, with Lloyd, Jason Moran, Reuben Rogers, as well as Eric Harland. The Kingston Triad released a variation under the title “The River is Wide” in 1961. The New Christy Minstrels videotaped this exact same melody in 1963 with totally different verses, prepared by Randy Stimulates as well as retitled “Last Farewell”. The lyrics of the track are spoken, right before the murder scene, by Jesse James’ child in the 2007 movie The Murder of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.


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