fairfield circuitry – shallow water

Fairfield Superficial Water.

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fairfield circuitry - shallow water

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New Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water K-Field Modulator Pedal. The Shallow Water is a modulation pedal closely appearing like vibrato/chorus. Shallow Water randomly regulates a short time delay to create unforeseen changes in pitch.

The outcome is a non cyclical vibrato/chorus/flanger-type point favouring old tape flavours. Electric Mojo Guitars is a certified dealer for Fairfield Wiring. Fairfield Wiring impacts are covered by a 2-year producer service warranty. K-field, an undefined, two-dimensional, non-linear area where past and future pressures interact at uneven periods. Shallow Water creates this k-field by arbitrarily regulating a brief time hold-up to produce unanticipated changes in pitch. The result is this non intermittent vibrato/chorus/flanger-type point favouring old tape flavours. Enjoying the demonstration is an odyssey per se.

If the item was delivered free of charge, the cost will be deducted from reimbursement, unless the reason for the return is outside normal conditions. Along with postpone tasks, the Shallow Water can be made use of as an integrator and also randomness controller, as an envelope follower and healing filter, or as a BBD-style hold-up. Fairfield Circuitry presents the Shallow Water, a distinct delay system motivated by simulation maths (traditionally referred to as K-Field Mathematics). The principle refers to an undefined, non-linear, two-dimensional area where past and also future merge as well as coincide concurrently. Superficial Water replicates this interaction with a delay chip that is regulated by a pseudorandom signal. Poolside discussions while looking at your very own reflection.