ford 302 water pump differences

Air Conditioning.

This is a right-hand inlet water pump, which is 1962– 1969 just. If the pump turns the opposite direction of the crankshaft, like the s-configuration you describe, it is reverse rotation.

The 302/5.0 HO mustang waterpumps approximately as well as consisting of ’93 are conventional rotation like the truck. In ’94- ’95 they went to the reverse rotation waterpumps which utilize a physically different timing cover and also pump. If not, I remain in difficulty too ‘cuz I simply placed one on my truck. I have two various water pumps and also timing chain covers that are Ford parts, and also a combination water pump/alternator from Racemate.

Here’s the 289 High Performance V-8 4-blade 173⁄4- inch follower with shroud. Follower shadows do improve cooling since they enhance air speed via the radiator. Trick is to obtain follower depth right into the shadow just right. The fan should be halfway right into the shroud for optimal outcomes. This is the typical 4-blade 173⁄4- inch “X” follower common to non-air conditioned autos with the 19-inch radiator. Like the 302 and also 351W in 1970, the 351C likewise received a left-hand inlet water pump.

ford 302 water pump differences

This limited air conditioning capacity, and they suched as to split at their top storage tank joints, spraying coolant throughout the engine compartment. Reproduction radiators available today use identical-to-original building and construction coupled with far better top quality and also enhanced cooling ability. There is also a riches of aftermarket light weight aluminum and also brass radiators created for the demands of motorsports and also severe-duty applications. Based upon what is offered today, no Ford small-block should ever before get too hot. I think the roller water pump may rotate in different ways. The full size Fords/mercs made use of common turning until they mosted likely to over head web cam engines in 1992.

You’ll need to obtain a waterpump as well as timing cover from either a 78 or earlier Mustang, or a various Ford altogether. There are two component numbers at AZ for the water pumps – Left and also ideal spin. Simply to make things even more confusing, the older pumps had the option of V or serpentine belt pulleys. The 351C engine, presented in 1970, was fitted with the D0AZ-8501-E water pump with a left-hand inlet, just like Employer 302, 302, and also 351W engines from 1970 and up. The only actual difference in these water pumps is circulation rate.

your alloy pump with the extended impeller and also no back plate should choose the recessed timing cover. When you’re planning an engine construct, prepare for boosted coolant flow by means of a high-flow water pump.