fort myers beach water temp

Summertime Ocean Temperature Levels In Florida

August is the month with the hottest water temperature level at 86.5 ° F/ 30.3 ° C. The month with the chilliest is February with an average water temperature of 67.1 ° F/ 19.5 ° C. The water temperature level at Fort Myers Beach is very cozy, rising to 31 ° C( 87 ° F )in the months of July, August, as well as September. Throughout this moment, in the late summer season, a wetsuit is normaly not required for surfing, swimming, snorkelling, or diving at Ft Myers Beach. However, throughout January, February, and also March, water temperature levels reach lows of approximately 19 ° C( 66 ° F). In this period, a 2-3mm wetsuit may be required to really feel comfortable, however some individuals might even be fine with an one-piece suit or perhaps a wetsuit top. For extremely chilly conditions as well as cool mornings/evenings, it could be suggested to lug a 4/3 wetsuit.

The temperature varies from 19 ° C( 66.2 ° F) in February approximately 30.6 ° C( 87.1 ° F) in the month of August, as shown in the graph below. The average water temperature throughout the year is 25 ° C( 76 ° F) and also the most effective time for water activities is late summertime, considering that Ft Myers Beach lies in the northern hemisphere. Hefty rains, areas near river mouths and extended periods of strong offshore winds can cause variants in ocean temperature levels. Offshore winds cause the chillier deep water to replace the surface area water which has actually been heated by the sun. January is the month with the lowest rain of 0in/ 0mm as well as June with the highest possible rainfall in a year with 4.2 in/ 105.9 mm.

fort myers beach water temp

Summertime is also the wet season, so make certain to load a raincoat as well as umbrella as June, July, and also August each overcome nine inches of rainfall annually. Do not let the rainfall fool you right into neglecting your sunscreen, as you’ll require to utilize it even on overcast days to prevent hazardous UV rays of the summertime sun. The water temperature around Fort Myers Coastline varies substantially year round.

Both sea as well as air temperature levels rise regularly throughout the springtime, specifically in May and also early June. You’ll likewise face few groups, making it the best time to plan a beachfront getaway to southwest Florida. Please understand that our water temperature levels are based upon open water standards. Actual sea surface area water temperatures near the coast at Ft Myers Beach can vary by a number of degrees. Water at the hottest coastlines– Secret West and also Naples– standards 87 ° F (31 ° C) when the temperature level comes to a head in July as well as August. That’s the most popular ocean water to be located anywhere at any time in the USA.

Practically throughout Florida, the sea usually remains over 80 ° F (27 ° C) throughout summer season. All along the entire Florida Gulf Coast the water’s constantly cozy, with temperature levels differing by just one or 2 degrees from coastline to coastline. December to March is the most popular time to see, as well as additionally one of the most costly as site visitors group from cooler areas of the United States to delight in the Ft Myers sunshine. In the winter season of December, January, and February, the majority of the state cools off significantly, but Fort Myers continues to be relatively warm throughout the period and also obtains little rains. Beginning in mid-March, temperatures climb above 80 levels Fahrenheit climbing through Might to 92 levels Fahrenheit by late July and also into August.


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