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gold water season 2 episode 10



SeasonsNameDetails1– existing”Dakota” Fred HurtGold miner, case proprietor, gold cleaner, producer; diver with 15 years’ experience, dredge scuba diver, dredge tender; Dustin Pain’s papa, among “The Dakota Boys”.1– presentDustin HurtGold miner, insurance claim owner, carpenter; dredge scuba diver, dig up tender; Fred Hurt’s son, among “The Dakota Boys”.1– presentPaul RichardsonGold miner, dig up diver, dredge tender, maker; husband to Kayla Sheets, bro of Wes Richardson, among “The Texans”.1– presentWes RichardsonGold miner, producer, gold cleaner; bro of Paul Richardson, among “The Texans”.1– presentCarlos MinorProfessional diver with 15 years diving in the U.S. Above water, a hungry and also hostile apex predator rips with the miners camp, requiring the team to find with each other to locate a remedy. Listed below water, The staff utilizes brand-new devices to quicken their gold recovery. Gold miners Dakota Fred and also his kid Dustin are figured out to succeed despite the danger.

Digging much deeper than ever, there’s still no indication of the bedrock gold they were depending on, however just when the staff begins to wonder about Dustin’s leadership, his resolution repays. Locating their largest gold nugget of the season is a fantastic sign, but soon sufficient heavy rainfall means flooding and also regardless of the threat, The Dakota Boys still go out and also dive. Devices failing leaves one staff member with lethal burns, while the advantage of having two unearths as well as running shows effective. The Dakota Boys double down on every little thing including crew, areas, and equipment, while the remote Alaska problems punish their efforts like never previously. Meanwhile Dustin’s 2 dredges are running dirt, however when they obtain a 2nd winch system functioning catastrophe strikes.

  • Above water, a starving and also hostile pinnacle predator rips via the miners camp, compeling the crew to come together to find a service.
  • The team cleans up and also does a last gold weigh-in for the season.
  • Meanwhile Dustin’s two dredges are running dirt, but when they get a second winch system working disaster strikes.

Yukon Gold, a cancelled truth TELEVISION collection with second gold mining in the Cassiar and Atlin districts of British Columbia and also the Klondike, Yukon. After being saved from the water, Dustin is required to seek a new mine site as a result of the flood, but he soon figures out that the McKinley site may not be a shed reason after all. The Dakota Boys ultimately uncover an abundant nugget catch, yet unintentionally run the risk of the life of a staff participant. Moving substantial rocks with brand-new equipment may imply the Dakota Boys are lastly on the gold.

Yet to discover the huge gold payment, they’ll place their lives on the line by diving deep beneath latest thing waters of among Alaska’s wildest creeks. Dustin leads the crew to a brand-new mine website that quickly confirms to have massive capacity. The team tidies up and also does a final gold weigh-in for the season. At the same time, Dustin leads the crew to a new mine site that swiftly proves to have massive possibility.

gold rush: white water season 2 episode 10

The Dakota young boys are dredging in the direction of a nugget catch they think holds a life-changing prize of gold. They dredge the size of the creek and bring up much more gold than ever before. After that Dustin leads them to a brand-new mine website he’s had his eye on that shows quickly to have massive gold potential.


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