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half life 2 water hazard


With the next tunnel, you can fire some barnacles down off the bridges over you, and you can peek one more look of the elusive G-Man on a metal pathway to the left. If you leave the airboat right after completion of the passage you’ll locate some ammunition on your right behind the cylindrical frameworks. Along below will certainly be one more lambda sign and some supplies for you in the kind of shack up the ladder to your left, yet you will certainly be ambushed by a zombie and a load of headcrabs. Shoot them with the gatling gun on your airboat as well as get out to gather the products.

Up in advance, there’s an additional APC waiting on you, now you can utilize your gun to fire it– if you unload all your ammo on it (do not fret, it regrows ammunition) you can damage it. Adhere to the river along, using the gun to manage any kind of CPs along the way. Once it’s over, continue via as well as you’ll see that the helicopter is thoughtfully awaiting you outside the pipeline. Head outdoors and also it’ll begin pestering you with mines as well as gunfires once again; simply adhere to the canal along, and also make use of the visit the left as a ramp to get over the huge concrete actions. Carry on along the networks, using the sides to avoid a few of the mines that land in the narrow water area. Make use of the health and wellness dispenser as well as fit battery charger in the edge, then make use of the wheel to decrease your airboat right into the channel below.

They’ll allow you via, so park up your airboat as well as direct the wooden sidewalk to fulfill your rebel pals, consisting of a Vortigaunt that will greet you. Go inside, and also you’ll be given a tiny rundown on where you’re going, which you’ll be getting a little extra “firepower”. Go outside and the Vortigaunt will complete connecting a Combine gatling gun to your boat, the exact same weapon that the helicopter chasing you is utilizing to attempt and also kill you. Head up the sharp financial edge, as there is a ramp at the end which leads into another passage. In below, mince any zombies you see with the weapon, and also in the following open location under the bridges kill all the CPs you see and also dodge the eruptive barrels that they roll down the slope.

  • Luckily, there’s a ramp established which will enable you to surpass once you’ve fixed the small expedition problem that features it.
  • This is a tiny, closed area in which a huge metal barrier will certainly quit you from getting any type of better.
  • Once you have actually obtained control of the video game once again, head along a little means and also quit the airboat and venture out.
  • Firstly, dump all the junk you can find in it– this includes the chair and concrete block by the cage and also the oil drum on the ramp.
  • Utilizing the lever will launch the cage and also it will go up or down according to the quantity of weight in it, in turn raising or reducing the ramp you need to utilize to overcome the barricade.

When you get outside again, shoot the next APC to pieces and also deal with the CP close by also. Drive in the direction of the next tunnel, and once you’re with that, you will see a dropship trying to drop another APC up in advance. Nonetheless, you can fire this set down before it also has a possibility to fire at you.

half life 2 water hazard

When you get on the concrete, head around the corner as well as deal with some even more metrocops, and after that head into the next passage. In the following area, stop off at the delivery cages on the shore– the one with the white barrel in it consists of some health and suit power. Along the river, past the beached ships, there’s a tiny open water section with 2 APCs for you to manage.

Now return to your boat, drive back to the fork as well as take a left this moment. Once that’s done, enter, and the rebels will certainly state their farewells and allow you via. If you are really interested then you can talk to the Vortigaunt utilizing your activity secret, and also you can listen to a long list of unclear expressions. Otherwise, head on along as well as the helicopter will certainly be outside to welcome you, much like before. Only this moment it will certainly disappear rather quickly when it receives a lots of fire from your new weapon. Comply with the contaminated river around to the right, using the fence ramps to navigate the steel gates that the CPs decline to attempt and stop you. There is a door in the wall between the fence ramps that allows you to get in an area with products.

Once you’ve obtained control of the video game once more, head along a little method and quit the airboat and get out. This is a tiny, closed area in which a big steel barrier will quit you from getting any type of better. Thankfully, there’s a ramp set up which will enable you to get past once you have actually solved the little exploration challenge that features it. By the ramp as well as blockade you’ll notice a kind of cage with a lever by it and a supply dog crate on it. Making use of the bar will launch the cage and it will go up or down in accordance with the amount of weight in it, consequently increasing or reducing the ramp you need to use to overcome the barricade. First off, unload all the scrap you can locate in it– this includes the chair and also concrete block by the cage and also the oil drum on the ramp.

Next off, head back to the pipeline areas as well as you’ll observe a ladder leading up in between 2 of them. There’s a supply dog crate nearby with a zombie securing it, so beware. At the top of the ladder, fall from the step onto the top of the pipeline area and also cross the wood bridge to the walks over the cage. You can not lift the washing machine, so it should be accordingly heavy to keep the increase, right? Push it right off the side of the step as well as right into the cage, which will certainly plummet straight to the bottom. The ramp is currently functional, so return to your airboat and use it to get over the barrier. Past the barrier, go left as well as adhere to the junk-filled passage to a tiny rebel base entrance.

Just focus on individually and circle around to avoid taking several of the damage from their rockets. Once they’re both down, get out and find your means into the area under where the APCs were. Head your way along throughout of the water area, where you’ll locate a delivery pet crate with a pair of eruptive barrels in. Fire these to blow the doors off the dog crate, then drive your airboat with. Follow the water along to the ramp at the end that you passed a short while before and use it to jump across to the following passage.


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