holds water meaning

Hold Water Basic Synonyms & Antonyms

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To be or appear to be real, proven, or able to be sustained by truths. The photo is of a vessel that does not have “openings” in it and also thus will not leak water. The majority of generally made use of in adverse building and constructions.

holds water meaning

Urbanity ushers in water that requires no apology, as well as gives an enthusiasm to the most awful vintage. He was also drowsy to hold the thought greater than a moment in his mind, much less to contemplate it. Most of the guys jumped up, caught hold of spears or knives, as well as rushed out. This expression has several basic synonyms or near-synonyms such ashold up, bring weight, stack up, airtight, and so on . If you understand of an idiom that you want to be noted below, please use our online type tosuggest an idiom.

There is a rest quit not as well much from here. unable to be shown; not fix or real. Just the gasoline tins they took for water right and also left of their path up the high cliff; substantial rubies in the evening sun. The weed growing over every water, and also at the financial institution of the river, shall be pulled up before all lawn. She threw out her arms as if swimming when she walked, beating the high turf as one sets out in the water. Yet there was a wind blowing, an uneven, rigid wind that whipped the water into froth.

Mrs. Woodbury paints in oils as well as water-colors; the last are category scenes, and also among them are a number of Dutch topics. Both women had no intention of showering; they had actually just strolled to the beach for a stroll and also to be alone and near the water.

If a concept or an argument does not hold water, you can confirm that it is incorrect. That explanation does not hold water, according to elderly knowledge sources.

We simply transitioned our child out of diapers, and also she’s having a very difficult time holding her water so far. Can you please attempt to hold your water a bit longer?

It does not actually matter that not all of the movie’s disagreements hold water. The authorities’s concept will certainly not hold water. Add hold water to among your listed here, or develop a new one. The prosecution’s situation would not hold water, so the accused was released. To hold water indicates to be appropriate, legitimate, audio, or affordable and to stand up to examination.