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How Does a Giraffe Drink Water


A giraffe’s tongue is about 18 inches (46 cm) long, which is just the right length to reach the water at the bottom of a tall tree. A giraffe can also drink water from a pond or river without getting its head wet. To do this, it bends down to the water’s edge, takes a quick sip, and then brings its head back up again.

A giraffe’s body is specially adapted to help it drink water. Its long neck and legs allow it to reach high into trees, and its tongue is long enough to lick up water from a trough or puddle. But how does all that water get from the giraffe’s mouth down to its stomach?

It turns out that giraffes have a very efficient way of drinking. When they lower their heads to take a drink, they close their nostrils at the same time so that no water can enter their nose. Then, they use their tongues to scoop up as much water as possible before swallowing.

The muscles in their throats then push the water down into their stomachs. Giraffes can drink large amounts of water quickly thanks to this process. They typically drink about 10-12 gallons (38-45 liters) per day, but can consume even more when needed.

How Do Giraffes Drink Water Without Passing Out?

Giraffes are unique animals in many ways, one of which is how they drink water. While other animals have to bend down to reach a water source, giraffes can simply lower their long necks and take a drink. But how do they do this without passing out?

It all has to do with the giraffe’s circulatory system. Giraffes have extremely high blood pressure, which helps them pump blood all the way up to their brains. When they lower their necks to drink, their brain is actually higher than their stomach, so gravity helps keep the blood from rushing down and causing them to faint.

The giraffe’s heart is also very strong, and can pump blood up against gravity much better than other animals’ hearts can. So when a giraffe takes a drink of water, its body knows how to handle it and keeps everything in balance so that the animal doesn’t pass out!

Can Giraffe Drink Water from Ground?

Yes, giraffes can drink water from the ground. They are able to do this because they have a long neck that allows them to reach down to the ground. Additionally, they have a long tongue that they can use to lap up water from the ground.

How Much Water Can a Giraffe Drink?

A giraffe can drink up to 12 gallons of water in a day. This is necessary to keep them hydrated, as they live in hot, dry environments and need to be able to get enough water to stay alive. They typically get most of their water from the plants they eat, but will also drink directly from watering holes when available.

How Do Giraffes Eat And Drink?

Giraffes are unique animals with several adaptations that enable them to survive in the African savanna. One of these is their long necks, which allows them to reach leaves and branches high up in trees. Another adaptation is their specially adapted tongues and lips, which enable them to strip leaves from branches without getting pricked by thorns.

But how does this all work when it comes to eating and drinking? Let’s take a closer look. When giraffes eat, they use their tongues and lips to strip leaves off branches.

They then swallow the leaves whole, as they cannot chew them due to their lack of teeth. This means that giraffes need to consume large quantities of food each day – around 75kg! – in order to get enough nutrition.

Drinking is a little more tricky for giraffes, as they need to bend down low to reach water sources on the ground. To do this, they often spread their front legs wide apart and lower their heads between them (this position is known as ‘stotting’). Once they’ve reached the water, they suck it up through their long tongues and into their mouths.

How Often Do Giraffes Drink Water

Giraffes are interesting creatures that are known for their long necks and spots. They are the tallest mammal in the world and can weigh up to 2,800 pounds! Although they appear to be very calm animals, they can actually run up to 35 miles per hour.

Giraffes mainly eat leaves from trees, but they will also eat fruit, flowers, and even soil! Now that we know a little bit more about giraffes, let’s discuss how often they drink water. It is estimated that giraffes only drink water once every few days.

However, when they do drink, they can consume up to 10 gallons of water at a time! This helps them stay hydrated in between meals since they get most of the moisture they need from the plants they eat. If you’re ever lucky enough to see a giraffe in person, you may notice that they spend a lot of time licking their lips.

This is because their tongues are very long (up to 18 inches!) and help them reach leaves high up on trees. Licking their lips also allows them to taste different things and helps keep their mouths moist so they can continue eating without issue.


A giraffe drinks water by sucking it up through its long neck and into its mouth. It then swallows the water, which goes down into its stomach. Giraffes can drink large amounts of water at once, and they need to in order to stay hydrated in the hot African sun.


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