October 25

How Long Can a Mouse Go Without Water


Mice are small mammals that are found in many different parts of the world. They are known for their ability to survive in a variety of environments, including areas with very little water. While mice can go without water for a period of time, they will eventually become dehydrated and die if they do not have access to any water.

Mice are able to go without water for longer than you might think. In fact, they can survive for up to six weeks without any water at all. This is because mice are able to metabolize their food in a way that allows them to extract all of the moisture they need.

So, if you’re ever worried about your pet mouse running out of water, don’t be! They can go quite a while without it.

How Long Can Mice Live Without Water Or Food

Mice are amazing creatures that can survive without water or food for long periods of time. In fact, mice have been known to live for up to four weeks without either one! However, without both water and food, mice will eventually die.

The length of time a mouse can go without either water or food depends on a number of factors, including the temperature and humidity of their environment, as well as their level of activity.

How Long Does It Take for a Mouse to Die Without Food Or Water?

Without food or water, a mouse will die within three to four days.

How Often Do Mice Need Water?

Mice need water every day to stay hydrated. They will drink from a water bottle or bowl, but prefer running water. If you have a pet mouse, make sure to provide fresh water daily and clean the bottle or bowl regularly.

How Long Can a Trapped Mouse Live?

A mouse can survive for up to three days without water, but will only live for one day without food. If a mouse is trapped and does not have access to either food or water, it will likely die within 24 hours.


Mice are able to go without water for longer than most people realize. In fact, a mouse can survive for up to 35 days without water! This is because mice are able to metabolize their own body fat in order to stay hydrated.

However, after about two weeks without water, a mouse will start to experience health problems such as kidney damage and dehydration. So while a mouse can technically go without water for over a month, it is not recommended and they will start to feel the effects of dehydration long before that point.


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