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How Many Drops of Water Fit on a Penny


A penny is a tiny coin with not much surface area. So, how many drops of water can fit on a penny? The answer may surprise you!

A single drop of water can cover the entire surface of a penny. But, if you’re talking about filling up the ridges on a penny, then it would take about 20 drops of water to do so.

We all know that a penny is small, but have you ever wondered just how small it really is? Well, wonder no more! We did a little experiment to see how many drops of water fit on a penny.

The results may surprise you. To start, we placed a single drop of water on the surface of a penny. Amazingly, it held!

We then added another drop, and then another, until we had reached 20 drops. At this point, the water started to pool up and spill over the sides of the penny. So there you have it!

20 drops of water is the maximum amount that will fit on a penny. Who would have thought such a small coin could hold so much liquid?

How Many Drops of Water Can Fit on a Penny World Record

In 2014, the world record for the number of water droplets on a penny was set by 14-year-old Nathan Cao. He managed to fit an impressive 2,368 drops of water on a single penny! Interestingly, this isn’t the only record that Nathan holds.

He also currently holds the world record for the most dice stacked on one hand – an incredible feat considering he accomplished this when he was just 12 years old! So how does Nathan do it? Apparently, it’s all about surface tension.

By using a syringe to carefully place each drop of water onto the penny, he is able to create a structure that can support a surprisingly large amount of weight. And while 2,368 drops may seem like a lot, there’s actually room for even more! The current world record stands at 4,491 drops, set by American engineer Steve Spangler in 2016.

Who knows – maybe Nathan will go for it again and reclaim his title!

How Many Drops of Water Fit on a Penny


How Many Drops of Water Fill a Penny?

A penny holds about 40 drops of water. To fill a penny, first wet the surface of the coin. Then, hold the penny upside down over a container and slowly release the water droplet by droplet until the Penny is full.

Why Do So Many Drops of Water Fit on a Penny?

Water is a fascinating substance. It is essential to life, yet it has some strange and wonderful properties. One of these is its surface tension.

This is the force that allows water droplets to stick together and form spherical shapes. It also explains why so many drops of water can fit on a penny. The surface of a liquid is made up of molecules that are attracted to each other.

This gives the liquid its surface tension. When water droplets form, they do so because the surface tension pulls the molecules close together. This results in a round shape with a very small surface area in contact with the air.

A penny is an ideal shape for maximizing the number of water droplets that can be placed on its surface. The concave shape of the coin means that there is more contact between the water and the metal than if the coin was flat. This increases the amount of attraction between the molecules and allows more water to be held on the surface.

So, next time you see raindrops falling or dewdrops glistening in the morning sun, remember that it’s all thanks tosurface tension!

How Many Drops of Water Can Fit on a Penny With Detergent?

If you’re looking to fit as many drops of water on a penny as possible, you’ll need to use a detergent to help. The average size drop of water is around 0.05 millimeters, which means you can fit approximately 20,000 drops of water on a single penny with the help of detergent. This might seem like a lot, but it’s actually only a small fraction of what the total surface area of a penny is.

How Many Drops of Water Can Fit on a Penny Conclusion?

A penny can hold up to 48 drops of water before it overflows. This is due to the surface tension of water, which allows it to bead up and form small droplets. The size of the penny also plays a role in how many drops it can hold; a larger penny will obviously be able to hold more water than a smaller one.

Drops of water on a PENNY experiment / How many drops can fit on a penny?


A penny can hold a surprising amount of water – up to 50 drops! This is because the surface tension of water allows it to bead up and form small droplets. If you have ever tried to pour a large amount of water onto a penny, you will notice that it beads up and forms small droplets instead of running off the sides.


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