How To Carry Water In Gielinor: Survival Tips and Tricks For Gielinor

There was a huge demand for guides on how to best survive in Gielinor. All the guides out at the time were incomplete and there was a need for someone to write a complete guide. After a bit of research, I realized that the only way to carry water in Gielinor was to use empty vials of water that I got from fishing. I started this website to help me remember where I could get the vials, because I didn’t really like having to fish. The website became very popular and I gave out all the information I had about where to get the vials.

What is Gielinor?

Gielinor is an ancient desert world, the oldest world in Gielinor. As you progress through the game, you will eventually unlock the bottom layer of the world, but it is best to start in the top. The only way to get into the bottom layer is to have completed all the quests and tasks, but if you can get there then that is the place to be. The World Of Gielinor The World of Gielinor is filled with six major continents that divide into 30 layers, which all have their own unique landscape. This means there is always something new to discover in the world. You can also find around 3,000 objects in the world that will help you on your quest, such as lamps that will light your way and health orbs that replenish your health. To do some exploring you can venture into the new layer.

How to carry water in Gielinor

If you want to carry water with you, the best way is to use empty vials of water that you obtained by fishing. You can get these from the northern part of the northern cave where you find water pools. You need a special fishing rod to fish here. This rod has a certain amount of fish that will jump into the water when they see a lure. If you don’t have this, you can use a fishing reel instead. There are multiple paths that you can take to get from the south side of the lake to the northern lake, but you don’t need to use any path in order to get there. In the northern cave, there is a zombie called Ogre Bully, which drops a sack of 1000 empty vials when killed. It is possible to kill the zombie without the sack.

How to stay alive in Gielinor

The original main page of this website has been rewritten a few times since, including the display, but the majority of it is still there. This should give you an idea of what the main page looks like today. Each category can be sorted by clicking on the column in the bottom right hand corner. Click on each category to sort it, or use the little arrow buttons. New Blog: How To Catch Fish This is a more recent blog post I made in 2014, about some ways to catch fish in Gielinor. I’ll be releasing a couple of updates each week, and I’ll add more guides and the fishing guide to the homepage as I think of it. Other Guides I have also written a few guides which are available on the website, but aren’t as big or popular as this one.

The need to carry water in Gielinor

Now that I have a lot more knowledge about living in Gielinor, I think I can provide some better guides and give a few tips on how to keep dry or warm while you are carrying water in Gielinor. With rain, you can use your rain shield to keep from getting wet when it’s raining. With snow, you can use your snow stick to stay warm. Snow stays under the snow, so it can help you stay warm. Snow also melts when it’s hot, so you don’t have to worry about running out of water. You can use a fire box to start a fire to stay warm and cook food. You should keep some sort of edible item in your inventory for when you’re cold or hungry. Loremaster’s Journal: A guide to the forces that affect Gielinor Currently, there is only one person writing a guide to carrying water in Gielinor.

The only way to carry water in Gielinor

Of course, I had to go back and update the guide to reflect new skills that you could gain from playing the game. So I added in new recipes and tips on how to safely take care of your water supply. After this, I got a friend of mine to write an update for the site. I had mentioned that I was working on some more guides that I was working on and I wanted him to help me. He did a great job with the updates and I left him to finish up the guides on his own. I continued to update the site myself and I continued to provide users with new guides on the go. A lot of guides on here are from information I have given and people asking for help on the forums. I also do quick guides like mini-tutorials to help you with your needs.

Why are vials needed?

There are a few reasons why I believe that vials are needed in Gielinor: 1. You can carry multiple vials. 2. You can refill them, not knowing how many you have. 3. You can refill them without the use of potions or spices. 4. You can sell the vials for money. Water in vials is not the only way to carry water. If you use empty potion bottles, you can refill them at potion makers. Also, you can purchase a special type of storage vials that will refill at the Potion Depot. If you fill these with water, it will also refill at the same rate as any other vial. There is also the Partha vial that can refill at a higher rate than normal vials, which I will explain further down. There are more vials than there are water bottles.

Where can I get the vials?

No, they are not in the cash shop, though they may be there some time in the future. You can only get them from certain vendors. Some of the vendors that sell the vials are Dragonsnails, Mejoberries, Whalepool, Whiskerwood and Hazabeast. I have added a guide to selling vials and where you can find them below: The vials can be sold for 5c each or 1c for 5. You have to find a vendor that sells the vials and they will sell you only five vials at a time, which means you have to buy 5x a day. The way to avoid this is to buy them at the pre-evolution vendor before they have their current upgrades. That’s how you get the vials. You can now also buy others online from the shop, except more expensive ones. How to buy water vials and the best places to find them?


I’ve always wanted to write a guide for carrying water in Gielinor, and I thought I would finally get the chance to do so now. This guide is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll do my best to write at least one guide per month, but who knows, maybe one day I’ll write a guide on how to find dark tea leaves and how to harvest them for a tea pot! Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below.


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