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how to change water filter on maytag side by side


Exactly How To Replace Your Fridge Water Filter

1) Find your water filter cover in the top righthand edge inside your refrigerator or in the base grille. 1) Find your water filter cover in the top right corner inside your refrigerator or in the base grille. Cut a 1/4 inch off both lines as well as link. Found the water filter in your home Depot for 1/2 The rate. If your refrigerator has a sign to alter the filter, keep in mind to reset it.

I would suggest parts select to any person that told me that they had an appliance broken. To reset the CHANGE FILTER indicator light, press as well as hold the LOCK and also LIGHT keypads till the MODIFICATION FILTER light blinks.

Inserted brand-new filter and also turned it to lock. Give about two gallons of water to remove air as well as impurities from the water line. Insert the new filter into the housing; it should secure place. If you had to twist it to remove it, you’ll require to turn it clockwise to seat it in place. Depending on the make as well as design of fridge, you may need to initial swing the old cartridge out from its slot.

6) When putting the new filter into the filter port, make sure the arrowhead is pointing to the left, after that carefully press in. 5) Place the filter cap on the new cartridge, ensuring the ridges straighten.

how to change water filter on maytag side by side

4) Open your new filter as well as eliminate the safety coverings from the O-rings. Gotten rid of all products from frig, put it on its back side, eliminated steel cover and eliminated housing screws, pipes. Eliminated 2 screws holding the filter housing. Drawn filter as well as housing out much adequate to remove inlet and also electrical outlet lines.Replaced inlet as well as electrical outlet lines in filter housing, set up new filter.

Transform the cap clockwise to lock into location. 3) Eliminate the filter cap by transforming it counterclockwise. 5) When putting the brand-new filter right into the filter port, ensure the arrow is directing upward. Broke the filter real estate, relocating the brand-new frig into your home.


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