how to get westmarch holy water

Diablo 3 Bounties Benefits

The video game restricts your cache mats to 1 when below level 70, no matter difficulty. You need to complete the set of bounties for Act 5, you will then get a Horadric Cache after speaking with Tyrael. It is just made use of with Kanai’s Dice for various dishes as well as by for epic as well as established products crafted by Blacksmith.

I’ve been running the robot on bounties mode with Act 1 to 5 activated yet i’m not getting any kind of westmarch divine water for the cube. Complete all 5 bounties in an Act to be granted a Horadric Cache. Visit to add custom notes to this or any type of other video game.

Search various other questions labelled diablo-3 or ask your own question. Before 70, I was obtaining 3 per benefit act upon Difficult as well as Master, as well as 4 per act upon Torment I. Really did not use 70 yet. ROS-BOT Copyright © 2016– This website is not associated to Activision Snowstorm as well as Ros-Bot might break game TOS/EULA.

how to get westmarch holy water

This material is gotten from a Horadric Cache given by Tyrael for completion of Act V bounties in Journey Mode. Not the answer you’re trying to find?