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How to Install Water Line to Fridge from Basement


The process of installing a water line to a fridge from the basement is not as difficult as one might think. The following steps will outline how to properly install a water line to ensure that your fridge receives an adequate amount of water pressure. Before beginning, it is important to note that the main water shut-off valve should be turned off prior to starting this project.

  • Locate the main water shut-off valve for your home and turn it off
  • Cut a hole in the basement wall near where you want to install the water line using a saw
  • Run the water line from the hole in the basement wall to where your fridge is located
  • Use a drill to create a hole in the back of your fridge for the water line
  • Connect one end of the water line to the shut-off valve and the other end to your fridge
  • Turn on the main water shut-off valve and check for leaks at all connections

How to Connect Water Line to Back of Fridge

If your fridge didn’t come with an ice maker or water dispenser, you can still add one yourself. All you need is a water line that runs to the back of the fridge. Here’s how to do it:

1. Turn off the water at the main shutoff valve. This is usually located in the basement near where the main water line enters the house. 2. Cut a length of flexible tubing that will reach from the cut-off valve to the back of the refrigerator.

Make sure it is long enough to allow for any future movement of the fridge. 3. Attach one end of the tubing to the cut-off valve using a coupling nut and ferrule (compression fitting). If your tubing is copper, you’ll also need a copper sleeve (also called a “ferrule”) that fits over both ends of the tubing before attaching them together with compression fittings.

You can find these at most hardware stores. 4. Turn on the cut-off valve slowly until water starts flowing through the tubing into a bucket placed beneath it; then turn it off again quickly so as not to flood your kitchen! 5. Go behind your fridge and locate where you want to place your new water line connection point using an elbow fitting or T-fitting.

. Mark this spot with pencil on both sides of wall so that you know where to drill pilot holes for 1/4″ diameter plastic expansion anchors . Drill two pilot holes about 6 inches apart and insert plastic expansion anchors into each hole until flush with drywall surface; then use a screwdriver or power drill to tighten each anchor until snug against wall (do not overtighten or strip out anchors).

Be careful not damage any existing electrical wiring or plumbing when drilling pilot holes! Also make sure your chosen location does not interfere with any moving parts like doors, drawers, etc.) On other side of wall, use same process to install two more plastic expansion anchors in corresponding locations .

Now take copper T-fitting and fit it onto end of cold water supply line coming out from wall; then tighten down firmly using adjustable wrench . Next, attach short section of copper tubing (about 6 inches long) onto open port on T-fitting ; this will be used later as means by which connect ice maker’s installation kit’s quick-tee adapter , but for now just leave loose while we work on getting ice maker unit itself ready for installation .

How to Install Water Line to Fridge from Basement

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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Water Line for a Refrigerator?

Assuming you need to install a new water line for your refrigerator: The average cost to install a water line is $370, with most homeowners spending between $185 and $527. This includes the price of the materials and labor.

Materials alone will run you about $50 to $200, depending on the length of the water line and whether you opt for copper or PEX piping. Professional labor typically costs between $320 and $450. Keep in mind that these prices are only estimates–the actual cost of your project may be higher or lower depending on a number of factors, including the type of fridge you have, the complexity of the installation, and whether any unforeseen problems arise during the process.

Is It Easy to Install a Refrigerator Water Line?

Installing a refrigerator water line is not difficult, but there are a few things you need to know before you start. The most important thing is to make sure that the water line is installed correctly so that it does not leak. If you are not confident in your ability to install the water line, it is best to hire a professional plumber.

The first step is to shut off the water supply to your home. Next, you will need to locate the cold water pipe that runs to your kitchen sink. Once you have located the pipe, drill a hole into it using a 1/4″ drill bit.

Be sure to wear safety glasses when doing this. Now take the compression sleeve and ferrule and attach them to the end of the water line. Insert the water line into the hole you drilled in the cold water pipe and tighten the compression fitting with a wrench.

Finally, turn on the water supply and check for leaks at all connections.

How Do You Hook Up a Water Supply Line to a Refrigerator?

If your refrigerator doesn’t have an ice maker or water dispenser, you’ll need to supply it with water from your home’s water line. This is a relatively easy process that anyone with basic plumbing skills can do. Here’s how to hook up a water supply line to a refrigerator:

1. Turn off the water at the shut-off valve. This will be located near where the main water supply enters your home. 2. Cut the copper pipe that supplies water to your refrigerator using a tubing cutter.

Make sure you leave enough length on the pipe so that you can reattach it to the shut-off valve once you’re finished. 3. Attach a copper tee fitting to the cut end of the pipe using soldering techniques and flux paste. 4. Run a length of flexible tubing from the tee fitting to where your refrigerator is located.

You’ll need to make sure there are no kinks or sharp bends in the tubing, as this could restrict the flow of water. 5. Attach one end of the flexible tubing to a quick-connect fitting on your refrigerator (consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions). The other end of the tubing will need to be connected to a cold water source, such as an existing plumbing line or even a sink faucet (with an adapter).

Do Refrigerators Need to Be Connected to a Water Line?

Most refrigerators these days are connected to a water line. This is because many of them come with an ice maker and/or a water dispenser. If your refrigerator does not have either of these features, then you do not need to connect it to a water line.

How To Connect A Water Line To Your Refrigerator (+Tips & Tricks) | GOT2LEARN


If you’re looking to install a water line to your fridge from the basement, there are a few things you’ll need to do. First, locate the cold water pipe in your basement. Next, cut a hole in the pipe using a hacksaw or other cutting tool.

Once the hole is cut, use a T-fitting to connect the new water line to the pipe. Finally, turn on the water and check for leaks. If everything is tight, you’re all set!


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