October 20

How to Make a Pipe Out of a Water Bottle


Making a pipe out of a water bottle is easy and only requires a few supplies. First, find a water bottle that is the right size and shape for your needs. Next, use a sharp knife to make two small holes in the side of the bottle near the top.

Then, insert a metal or plastic tube into one of the holes and seal it with tape. Finally, cover the other hole with your finger and light the end of the tube with a lighter. Inhale slowly to enjoy your homemade pipe!

  • Find an empty water bottle and make sure it is clean
  • Rinse it out with hot water to remove any residue
  • Cut off the bottom of the water bottle using a sharp knife or scissors
  • Be careful not to cut yourself! 3
  • Make a small hole in the side of the water bottle near the top
  • This will be your mouthpiece
  • Put your thumb over the hole and blow into the water bottle to see if air is coming out of the hole
  • If not, make the hole bigger until air can pass through easily
  • Congratulations, you have made a pipe out of a water bottle! Now light up some tobacco or cannabis and enjoy!

How to make water bottle bong

How to Make a Pipe Out of a Water Bottle

Credit: worldofbongs.co

How Do You Make a Water Bottle Smoke?

Assuming you would like to know how to make a water bottle smoke without using any harmful chemicals: You will need: -A water bottle with a screw top lid

-A piece of aluminum foil -A pen or a toothpick First, take the aluminum foil and cut it into a rectangle that will fit over the opening of the water bottle.

Make sure that the foil is big enough so that when you scrunch it up, there are no holes in the surface. Next, use the pen or toothpick to poke small holes all over the surface of the aluminum foil. Be careful not to make the holes too big; otherwise, your smoke will be very thin.

Finally, screw on the lid with the foil over top and light a match! Hold it under the foil until you see smoke coming through the holes. Enjoy your homemade smoking device!

How Do You Make a Homemade Gravity Pipe?

A gravity pipe is a type of pipe that uses the force of gravity to drain water and other fluids. Gravity pipes can be made out of a variety of materials, including PVC, copper, and cast iron. Making a homemade gravity pipe is not as difficult as it may sound.

The first step is to cut the pipe to the desired length. Next, drill holes into the sides of the pipe for drainage. Finally, attach fittings to the end of the pipe and secure them with glue or screws.

What is a Water Bottle Bong Called?

A water bottle bong is a type of bong that uses a water bottle as its base. The water in the bottle helps to filter and cool the smoke, making for a smoother hit. Water bottle bongs are typically made from plastic or glass, and can be either disposable or reusable.


If you’re in a pinch and need to smoke some weed, you can easily make a pipe out of a water bottle. All you need is a water bottle, a pen, and some weed. First, use the pen to poke a hole in the side of the water bottle.

Make sure the hole is big enough to fit your mouth over it. Next, take the lid off of the water bottle and poke another hole in it. Again, make sure this hole is big enough to fit your mouth over it.

Now put the lid back on the water bottle and put your lips over both holes. Put your weed in the top hole and light it with a lighter. Inhale through the bottom hole and enjoy!


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