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How to Reset Ge Refrigerator Water Filter


If your GE refrigerator water filter needs to be reset, follow these simple steps. First, locate the filter cover in the back of your fridge. Then, twist and pull the cover off to access the filter cartridge.

Next, press and hold the reset button for three seconds. Finally, replace the cover and twist it clockwise until it locks into place. That’s it!

Your GE refrigerator water filter has now been reset and is ready to continue providing you with fresh, clean water.

How to reset GE refrigerator water filter notification (RPWFE RFID water filter)

  • Remove the old filter from your GE refrigerator
  • Discard the old filter properly according to local regulations
  • Rinse the area where the old filter was located with clean water to remove any debris
  • Insert the new GE refrigerator water filter into the housing and push until it clicks into place
  • Flush the new filter for 5 minutes before use to remove any contaminants that may be present in thefilter media

How to Reset Water Filter on Ge Fridge Xwfe

If your GE fridge has a water filter, you’ll need to replace it every six months or so to keep the water tasting fresh. But before you can replace the filter, you’ll need to reset it. Here’s how to do that:

1. Locate the water filter button on your fridge. It’s usually located near the top of the fridge, on the front panel. 2. Press and hold the reset button for three seconds.

3. The light on your water filter should now be off, indicating that it’s been reset. 4. Replace the old water filter with a new one, following the instructions in your owner’s manual.

How to Reset Ge Refrigerator Water Filter

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How Do You Reset the Water Filter Light on a Ge Refrigerator?

Assuming you have a GE refrigerator with a water filter indicator light: To reset the indicator light, press and hold the “Reset” button for three seconds. The button is typically located near the water filter.

How Do I Reset My Water Filter Warning?

If your refrigerator has a water filter indicator light, it will turn red when the filter needs to be replaced. Depending on your model, you may also see a blinking light or hear a beeping sound. To reset the indicator light or silence the beep, install a new filter and press and hold the reset button for three seconds.

If your fridge does not have an indicator light, it’s still important to replace your water filter every six months. Not only will this help ensure that your water tastes great, but it will also keep your ice cubes clear and prevent sediment from building up in your fridge’s water dispenser.

Where is Ge Refrigerator Reset Button?

On most GE refrigerators, the reset button for the ice maker is located in the control panel. The control panel is typically located on the top of the refrigerator near the front. The reset button will be small and round, and it may be red, green, or white.

If you cannot find the reset button, consult your owner’s manual for more information.

How Do You Reset the Filter Button on a Refrigerator?

Most refrigerators have a filter reset button located near the water filter. To reset the filter, press and hold the button for 3 seconds.


If you have a GE refrigerator with a water and ice dispenser, it’s important to change the water filter regularly. A clogged or dirty filter can cause the water dispenser to stop working properly. In this article, we’ll show you how to reset your GE refrigerator’s water filter so that it dispenses water properly again.


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