how to treat a pool filled with well water

Filled Up Pool With Well Water!

Unfortunately, I have actually found out more about this than I ever before wanted. Three years ago we transferred to an area where our only water source is well water. The initial year, I loaded our pool as well as it was so dark as well as brownish you could not see all-time low. I did great deals of research as well as uncovered an item called “Scum Bag”.

Prior to filling your swimming pool with well water, you must think about exactly how it might influence your devices. Considering that well water includes more steels and ions than city water, it requires your pumps, filters, hydraulics, as well as pipelines to work a lot harder. Because of this, your swimming pool pump and filtration system might wear down sooner than they would with water from a distribution service or metropolitan water.

Nevertheless, my swimming pool store informed me to wait at least a week prior to I add any more chlorine. Yes, they are a lot more costly, however you get it done right the very first time, which consequently saves you money and time.

how to treat a pool filled with well water

They need to be able to test it as well as tell you exactly what to include in your swimming pool water. Probably it will certainly be with what the pool store calls “swimming pool magnet”. I simply had the exact same issue and it took me regarding 3 days to turn 10k gallons of water from dark brownish to a light environment-friendly blue.

After the initial couple of hours, I saw an amazing distinction. The list below year, I used the “scum bag- filler up bag” while filling up the swimming pool and also placed one more on over the water return on the filter. This year, I tried another method because I wished to prevent acquiring another slime bag. Until you get rid of the iron, the water will certainly stay brown. Most likely to your local pool shop as well as bring a water example with you.


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