January 25

i don’t like em putting chemicals in the water


I Don” T Like Em putting Chemicals In The Water That transform The Greninjas Gay

i don't like em putting chemicals in the water

And also when you have that perspective, when you have that mindset, then the opponent doesn’t have anything over you any longer. Stop being gelded tamed rubbish.

Do you believe I resemble, oh, surprised by it, so I’m up here bashing it since I do not such as gay individuals? I do not like ’em placing chemicals in the water that turn the freakin’ frogs gay! Do you understand that? I’m unwell of being social crafted, it’s not amusing! ” Alex Jones Gay Bomb Rant”, October.

These people are so wicked! Why can not America wake up and also beat ’em! Donald Trump’s not ideal however he does not wan na harm you as well as your household. ” Hillary and Obama want to make you poor and also worthless! We have all their white documents!

i don't like em putting chemicals in the water

What do you believe tap water is? It’s a gay bomb, baby. And I’m not saying individuals didn’t naturally have homosexual sensations. I’m not also getting involved in it, fairly honestly. I mean, give me a break.

Surprisingly this technique of pressure feeding water to people was one kind of abuse used in the 13th and 14th centuries by the Inquisition, and additionally reputedly by the Dutch. This causes a thrill of water by osmosis into the blood of the unfortunate pet, which is very agonizing, and also can even eliminate the pig. One of Jones’ most well-known conspiracy concepts is that the federal government is utilizing chemicals in order to transform people gay, making use of a strange “gay bomb” designed by the Pentagon.

And also god damn them to heck! We’re going to locate the lever to defeat these individuals, as well as they’re gon na be beat! Consider her shark face! Needing to take a look at her with her demon face!

  • ” Hillary and also Obama intend to make you bad and also useless!
  • These people are so bad!
  • Donald Trump’s not best but he does not wan na hurt you and also your family.
  • Why can’t America wake up and defeat ’em!

That’s a freakin’ demon! ” We’re gon na have Head of state Linda Blair people! And also I’m not gon na accompany it! “” Alex Jones Issues a Warning”, The Alex Jones Program, November 28, 2016.

I believe from history and also my own intestine, instinct, that if I go on as well as lay it all out right here, what we’re really facing, you’ve obtained courage as well as you have actually got will, and also you’re gon na get angry and also stop caring. It starts with not caring about what your slack-jawed knuckle-dragging cowardly pseudo tough-guy football-watching neighbor believes. That’s where it starts. It begins with not caring what occurs to your private person.


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