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. At 43 feet, the water temp. is 58.6 ° and also the water temperature. at 56 feet is 46.6 feet.

Grand Haven is a town near Great Lakes, lake. Warm-summer damp continental environment would be the environment right here. July is the month with the greatest water temperature at 74.1 ° F/

As the circulation throughout the lake is currently heading toward the west, the warm surface water gets replaced by water from below in a procedure called upwelling. While waters at the surface of Lake Michigan can be in the 70s and 80s, waters deeper in the lake are generally in the 40s as well as 50s. With upwelling this cold water will at some point make it to the surface area, changing the warmer water that has actually approached the west. The South Sanctuary buoy programs cozy water down to around 40 feet. at 36 feet at the buoy is 75.5 °

Sunlight along with mid-day temperature levels in the 80s mean we will certainly all want to go to the beach this weekend. Graph is from July 30 on left to August 4 on right.

The water below is much chillier, even in this warm summer season. Water temperature in Grand Sanctuary today is 1.2 ° C/34.2 ° F. Water temperature level in Grand Place is expected to increase to 2.1 ° C/35.8 ° F in the next 10 days.

A few of the tasks you can engage in while at the beach consist of; sunbathing, swimming, leisurely strolls and picnics. Swimming is one of the most popular activity since the Grand Sanctuary water temperature is normally between 60 to 65 degrees in July to August. Always execute study on the flag system which is generally utilized in the area just so you can be certain to be secure in all times. Upwelling currents bring 40 to 50 degree water from deep within Lake Michigan approximately the surface area. GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.– It’s an intense summertime day in West Michigan.

lake michigan water temp grand haven

Some waterfront state park team sent out a message on social networks today, cautioning beach-goers about feasible hypothermia. Holland State Park is not included in the NWS temperature level schedule, as meteorologists had not yet received today’s data from state park staff there.