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lg refrigerator water inlet valve


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I have actually transformed the filter as well as it did not fix the problem. Is the next most likely option to replace the water inlet valve setting up? I have also checked the water line supply from the wall surface and also it is solid. It becomes weak in the fridge. Hey there Sam, thank you for your concern.

You can check each port or change the whole shutoff assembly. Hey there Ron, thanks for your question. The very first part to examination would certainly be your water inlet shutoff. The valve has 2 solenoids that regulate either the dispenser or the ice manufacturer.

Even if your dispenser is functioning the ice maker solenoid might not be and vise versa. The valve can be tested with a multi meter and also needs to read between ohms of resistance. Substitute For Part #MJX, AP, PS and AJU. This water inlet shutoff materials water to the fridge ice maker and water dispenser. This additional water inlet valve mjx.

When stimulated this component releases water from the supply line right into the ice mold. Refrigeraor water inlet valve assembly. The valve has 3 solenoid as well as features push-in fittings. To release tubing, pull the push-in ring toward the shutoff and after that draw the tubing out. Saw the leak, unplugged fridge, shut off water. Disconnected water line, eliminated back panel.

The diagram is puzzling, is this inside the door behind the ice maker? I assume this is straight connected to the water dispenser switch on front door. This water inlet valve has three solenoid shutoffs as well as press in fittings.

It sounds like a concern with the water valve that supplies water to the dispenser area. We would first, advise examining the filter to ensure water is travelling through it. If it hasn’t been changed in a while, try replacing the filter. If the water will certainly still not give, the water valve would certainly be the next part to check. The water valve has numerous ports as well as one specifically sends water to the dispenser, and after that to the icemaker.

Connected refrig back in as well as pushed back in position. The water inlet valve PS remains in the list of suitable parts for your model. Part 5220jb2006a is an older variation as well as NLA. Please contact us anytime if you call for more aid. I have a LG fridge design no.

Eliminated part and unplugged electric connectors. Gotten rid of ice manufacturer supply line, cut it regarding 2 feet ups and placed a splicer/connector in. Replaced with a new line from there back to the valve. Inserted brand-new tube in valve and also ensured it was deep enough in and then secured it. Reconnected the electric links and connected shutoff back to refrig. Put panel back on and after that reconnected the water supply line. Turned water back on and also checked for leakages.


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