mcdonnell miller low water cutoff

Mcdonnell & Miller

For residential and also commercial low stress vapor central heating boiler applications. For mounting in 2-1/2″ NPT boiler side insulations. Insertion lengths readily available in 13// 8″ (30-105mm).

The 42S Series is for installations with operating pressure below 50 psi or for applications that need bigger differentials at lower stress. The systems have two buttons, one to run a boiler feed pump as well as one to interrupt the heater circuit in a low-water condition. Likewise available are the Series 42-A with quick hook-up fittings as well as Series 42-N with gauge glass tappings. On tiny central heating boilers, these alternatives make the controls less complicated to install, the maker states. The system is mounted outside of a boiler, generally near the boiler’s primary electrical panel. They are black and measure regarding 6 inches high x 5 inches wide x 2 1/2 inches deep. The units have an eco-friendly LED “On” light, a red LED “Low Water” light as well as examination and also manual reset buttons on the top.

However, if the control is purged with the boiler at full speed pressure the water under steam presure will get in the control, and also flow directly to the opposite side. The angle of the sides of the contol and the small slope on the top of the control will certainly divirt the circulation of the steam and water to distribute throughout the float chamber, and purge the whole chamber. Likewise, vapor pressure will certainly get in the top of the control via the tube getting in the top of the control, breaking out rust that might adhere to the top of the float. Different geographical advertising and marketing locations will certainly request various types of low tide cutoff controls.

Double accuracy changes for reliable procedure of the low tide cut-off as well as an alarm or electric water feeder. Optional reduced voltage switches over for self-generating mill volt circuits. A brand-new collection of low water cutoff/pump controllers featuring eco-friendly, mercury-free, snap-action switches is offered.

” McDonnell & Miller,” “Attack dog,” “Low Tide Cut-Off” as well as model numbers 750-MT-120, 751-MT-120, 751P-MT-120 or 752P-MT-24 are printed on a white label outside of the system. Day codes G41 or H41 are inked on the within back plate.


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