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mercury outboard water flow diagram


What Is A Poppit Shutoff, And What Does It Do?

mercury outboard water flow diagram

It is uncommon that a thermostat goes bad, however it does occasionally happen. If you find that a thermostat misbehaves, do not just determine that you can discard it and run regardless, like some would certainly with an auto application.

  • The two things that require normal maintenance or may create issues are the impeller and also thermostat.
  • If an outboard is operated without a thermostat mounted, it will definitely suffer somehow from bad performance completely to triggering interior damages.
  • It is unusual that a thermostat goes bad, yet it does occasionally occur.
  • Carbon buildup in an outboard is among its worst adversaries.
  • The impeller will be the root cause of 95% of outboard overheat scenarios.
  • If you find that a thermostat is bad, do not merely determine that you can discard it and also operate regardless, like some would with an automobile application.

The thermostat of an inboard plays a very critical role in warming the engine to an adequate operating temperature. If an outboard is operated without a thermostat set up, it will definitely experience in some way from poor performance all the way to causing internal damages. Carbon accumulation in an outboard is one of its worst opponents. This problem generally most often creates troubles with the piston rings coming to be stuck in the piston ring grooves. If this occurs, you can pretty well kiss your powerhead goodbye, because it most certainly will enable the piston to touch the cyndrical tube wall surface, and also instant scoring will result.

Should water come out of exhaust on outboard?

Re: Is it normal to have water come out your exhaust? It’s normal for cooling water to also exit through the exhaust. It’s part of the cooling system (in addition to the pee stream). And when you aren’t moving, the exhaust might bubble out from the lower unit because it also exits out through the prop while underway.

At high rpm, the water pump quantity & stress is a lot greater. The poppit opens at a pre-determined pressure as well as enables the “excess” water to bypass the cooling system. The water pump in the outboard is supposed to pressurize water as well as send it approximately the top of the engine head in order to appropriately cool the engine for optimal running temperatures.

The thermostat valve will open up as well as shut relying on the temperature levels as well as will certainly preserve an equilibrium with the temperature. Once the watercraft mindful aircraft operating, the demand for cooling rises and also the poppet shutoff is designed to please that need. As I mentioned formerly, the outboard electric motor cooling down system is not simply a water pump. A lot of outboard motors have a couple of thermostats that lie in the power head of the engine.

Signs Of A Bad Or Failing Water Pump

Additionally, if you run your boat in salt water, make sure to purge your engine as well as air conditioning system after every use. Following these easy guidelines will secure your marine engine from significant damages, and the mechanical abilities called for are relatively marginal. If you must have any kind of questions, do not hesitate to email us.

Can No Thermostat Reason Overheating?

What are the first signs of a blown head gasket?

Bad head gasket symptomsWhite smoke coming from the tailpipe.
Water leaking from the tailpipe.
Bubbling in the radiator and coolant reservoir.
Milky white coloration in the oil.
Engine overheating.

This is my understanding, yet I am not an auto mechanic, and also I don’t play one on TELEVISION. A poppit or poppet (sp?) shutoff is kind of a water-pressure regulatory authority for the cooling system on an outboard engine. At slow-moving rpm’s the pressure from the water pump is quite low, so the poppit keeps shut, and also allows all the cooling water from the impeller to flow thru the engine cooling system.

mercury outboard water flow diagram

The two things that need regular maintenance or may cause troubles are the impeller as well as thermostat. The impeller will certainly be the cause of 95% of outboard overheat circumstances.


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