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mercury outboard water pump indicator hole


Try This If Your Electric Motor Isn’t Peeing

The “pee-hole” is simply a sign that the water pump is working. In my case where the nozzle was obstructed really did not indicate that the water pump had stopped working. I can not consider anything else right now so attempt these things as well as best of luck. What I discover a great deal in the electric motors I deal with is tiny little branches or stems.

I have actually called the solution supervisor at a Mercury car dealership as well as Mercury straight for their recommendations. They suggested I drill out the nozzle to a 4mm diameter. The within size of the rubber electrical outlet tube is 6mm. This reduces to less about 2.5 mm as it passes through the nozzle. They also recommended that the cooling system doesn’t rely on back-pressure from the nozzle. I was informed that the water that is made use of to cool down the engine is gone through to the exhaust.

The specific engine that I have has no bends in the water tube. It appears to be straight yet I can place a straight edge on it to examine it for bending.

What I can claim is DO NOT depend on the telltale stream to identify if your cooling system is functioning correctly! Obtain a temperature level AND a water pressure gauge for your engine. Integrate those with the tell story and there must never be any question if your motor is being cooled down properly. I don’t recognize if the previous blog post was entered properly or otherwise, however my new water tube arrived as well as the opening is a function not a problem. Not sure simply why it is there, however Honda must have an excellent reason. I just placed the old tube back as it is SS and also there was no indicator of a problem with it.

mercury outboard water pump indicator hole

I have actually evaluated it by applying water stress to it and there is no leak at to top of television. I have actually utilized a flashlight to see to it that the water tube is entering into the water pump and also am pleased that that is what is occurring. Since television is about a quarter of an inch to one side on the water pump I use a screw vehicle driver to see to it that it enters into the water pump. Water is being pumped as the tell tail is functioning however there is likewise great deals of water draining out of the reduced device as the engine is running.

If you find little tough pieces of rubber, after that you require to service your water pump. Your recommendations are appreciated as well as at today time it appears that the water tube has been raised a little bit so it does not seal in the water pump. I have a repair work guidebook on order as well as will see what I can discover from that literature. After that up thru the water tube in the waistline of the engine.

The branches like to get stuck in the engine right before entering the rubber tube and also I need to dig to obtain them out. An additional typical point is really small little stones that boil down the tube and stick in the nozzle idea. It will all rely on where and also how you make use of the electric motor. If you go into superficial water often, you can anticipate some blocking, especially if you are kicking up sand as well as mud. I can not use any kind of suggestions for or versus piercing the pee hole.


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