June 11

my head’s under water lyrics


Every One Of Me Verses

The video clip was shot just days prior to the couple joined in Italy. Misheard lyrics happen when people misinterpret the lyrics in a tune. These are NOT deliberate rephrasing of verses, which is called apology. This web page has all the misheard verses for All Of Me that have actually been sent to this website as well as the old collection from inthe80s started in 1996. For more information concerning the misheard lyrics readily available on this website, please read our Frequently Asked Question. Have a look at both amIright misheard verses books consisting of one publication committed to misheard verses of the 1980s.

my head's under water lyrics

There can only be 100 items revealed each time, please add another word to limit the outcome. See John Legend’s full “All Of Me” verses and video clip listed below. The song is a love letter to his then-fiancee Chrissy Teigen, applauding their partnership, even during the ups and downs. “Every one of Me” came accompanied by video clip including black-and-white shots of the couple experiencing the motions of a connection.


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