March 21

my time at portia the poisoned water


The Infected Water Pursuit Bug?

The adhering to 23 files are in this group, out of 23 overall. Unfortunately I’ve been playing several days in between so can’t even return to my save and also play again. You have to finish this mission in the best order or it does not total.

The writer of this subject has marked a post as the solution to their question. I simply trying to complete this mission but i cant locate the leave.

After that, just follow the pursuit and in the end you’ll obtain the achievement. She will win the competitors as well as right after a cutscene, you can get a quest from Albert. If you have actually done every little thing right, Emily will ask you the day before the festival if you’ll be at the festival.

my time at portia the poisoned water

See to it that you have completetd the infected water goal by the 20th day of autumn of year 1. In autumn of year 1 Emily will shed the harvest competitors with her watermelon and 2 days (not 100% certain) later on, you will get a pursuit to find giant seeds.


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