mystical ellie’s water festival

Magical Ellie’s Water Festival

Black Desert Online Ellie’s Mystical Lake Festival event overview.

There are a couple of fishing locations where you can get a vendor item that costs 500,000 silver as well as pile in your inventory. No water celebration would certainly be total without an angling occasion! For the duration of ‘Magical Ellie’s Water Festival’, you will certainly be able to capture Pearl Mullets from different areas around the Black Desert World!

Want to show that you are the luckiest Adventurer on the coastline? Splashy Water Balloon will show up, as well as you and also your buddies will certainly need to throweither’ Ellie’s Little Water Balloon’or fire the’ Bobble Bobble Matchlock’ at it. We advise having a group of adventurers to attack the Splashy Water Balloon. Exchange the Rock Tree Stoneback Crab Piece you have actually obtained for the following benefits. You must have the ability to acquire Rock Tree Stoneback Crab Mobilize Scroll during the pursuit Uninvited Visitors! You can exchange the item Elephant Fountain for Traces of an Event x50. Click him it will discard the water you don’t really need to have the water.

Award things handed out with occasions can be bound or not relying on the products. Hence, some products can not be Moved nor Restored.Please check the summary of the thing to verify if it’s Bound or otherwise. Defeat beasts, gather, as well as fish during the occasion duration to obtain Traces of a Celebration. Dealt with the problem where you might not utilize the scroll wheel to scroll with the Skill Checklist in the Mount Details home window when your mouse mored than a skill name. Repaired the problem where the text “Wellness” in the Fundamental tab of the My Information home window disappeared when it was clicked on. Taken care of the concern where inconsistent information regarding Safe Enhance showed up when trying to enhance certain Pearl items.

The checklists of missions you can get can be checked under classification. Items given up this event might be character bound or family bound relying on the product.

mystical ellie’s water festival

Please examine the tool ideas of the things to find out their attribution. As soon as you have actually completed the mission Popular Love Boat, you will certainly have the ability to proceed with Watercraft Flower designer as soon as per Household during the event period. Go and approve the mission from NPC Anya in Terrmian Beach during the event duration. You will certainly obtain the incentives discussed in the table listed below. Acquire Traces of a Celebration by beating monsters, celebration, or angling during the occasion duration. Visit Terrmian Beach and also approve the pursuits throughout the event duration.

This daily will give you a Small Water Balloon you can equip as well as hit the huge Splashy Water Balloon in the location with 4 various other gamers. Look for these Hummingbirds and kill 5 of them with your tool to finish.