old hickory lake water temp

Creel Restriction

Possibility of rainfall 70 percent. Chance of Showers at night, after that Showers likely after twelve o’clock at night. Possibility of Showers 60 percent. Mostly gloomy with a 20 percent possibility of Showers. Gloomy with a 20 percent opportunity of Showers. Over cast with a half opportunity of Showers.

old hickory lake water temp

Fish with huge online baits or artificial attractions in the cooler riverine environment upstream of Freeway 231 throughout the springtime, summertime, and loss. Large candy striped bass concentrate in the Cordell Hull tailwater throughout the spring months. Fish the Gallatin Heavy steam Plant discharge location throughout the winter months.

  • This task is owned and operated by the United States Military Corps of Engineers.
  • Sauger -Fish under with lead head jigs tipped with threadfin shad or big minnows.
  • Fish with large online baits or artificial appeals in the cooler riverine environment upstream of Highway 231 throughout the spring, summertime, as well as loss.

Some fishermens delight in eating fresh white bass; others avoid it, as it can tend on occasion to have oily flesh. Sauger -Fish under with lead head jigs tipped with threadfin shad or big minnows. Additionally attempt fishing the mouths of creeks and the major river network in the upper fifty percent of the reservoir near the Cordell Hull Dam tailrace. Finest sauger angling takes place from January through April. There is a limitation of 10 daily and also they need to have a minimum length of 15 inches.

Catfish -The 3 types of catfish found on Old Hickory Lake are the blue catfish, channel catfish, as well as flathead catfish. Most catfish are bottom feeders; as a result, they will more than likely be found under of the lake. There is no harvest restriction for catfish fewer than 34 inches in size; only one fish over 34 inches in size might be collected daily. Black Bass -The 3 black bass species give the most prominent fishery in Old Hickory Lake audit for 45 percent of angling initiative. 5 fish in any kind of species mix may be gathered per person per day. There is a 14-inch length limitation on largemouth bass, an 18-inch minimum length on smallmouth bass, and also no length restriction on seen bass. Fish for bass in close proximity to submerged cover as well as fish attractor sites.

Eighteen fish attractor sites designated with significant buoys are maintained by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. Cedar trees are suspended to bring in and also focus fish for anglers. These sites are preferred and efficient for bass as well as crappie fishing. When calling, select the number “4” on your phone’s keypad.

There is a 2 each day limit on paddlefish as well as the season is open from the end of April with completion of May. Old Hickory produced the world document walleye in 1960. Now it reveals 46 °, however that often tends to read a pair degrees cooler than where I typically fish. Can’t gain access to lake details? If you’re having technical concerns with the site, please click on this link for support. This project is owned as well as operated by the US Military Corps of Engineers. For more information, please see their internet site.

s of Monday mid-day the main lake is in reasonably good condition as well as the Harpeth River is really stained. Most of the creeks are additionally in good shape. If we have very little rain the rest of the week I search for every little thing to be in good shape by the weekend break. This will appear comparable to last week’s record, but extremely little has actually changed except for the Harpeth’s condition. What has actually been working for me lately is fishing early when the fish may be almost anywhere.