old orchard beach water temperature


The greatest water temperature level will certainly be reached in August with about 64.2 ° F/ 17.9 ° C. The most affordable in March with an average water temperature level of 37.8 ° F/ 3.2 ° C. Actual ocean temperatures do naturally vary from year to year depending upon the climate and the circulation of ocean currents. But come springtime and summer, the sea off of Maine just does not build up much warm. The Atlantic sea all along the coastline of Maine as well as New Hampshire is visibly chillier in summer than at beaches farther south.

F. Browsing is allowed at Old Orchard Beach and you can lease equipment from several neighborhood outlets. Water temperature levels range from 46.5 F in May to 54.5 F in June, then peak at 63.7 F in August. Swimming is enjoyable right through till October when water temperature levels can still be as high as 49.4 F.

10 minutes drive from Maine’s biggest city, Rose city and 90 mins drive from Boston, Old Orchard coastline is convenient for worldwide travelers.

Surfers may require a light or short suit in the mornings during summer season. Please know that our water temperatures are based on open water averages. Actual sea surface area water temperature levels near the coast at Old Orchard Coastline can vary by a number of degrees. Our dimensions for the water temperature in Old Orchard Coastline, York Area, United States are given by the day-to-day sea surface temperature satellite analyses from NOAA. These seaside water temperatures are standards assembled by the United States National Oceanographic Data Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Whilst sea temperature levels for Old Orchard Beach are as exact as current data permits, there may be minor local as well as regional variations depending upon problems as well as variants in sea depth.

old orchard beach water temperature

With an average temperature level of 70 ° F/ 21.1 ° C, July is the hottest month in a year. At the north end of the United States Atlantic shore, the ocean at Eastport Maine typically gets to 52 ° F (11 ° C) in late summer. However simply a little to the southeast, at Bar Harbor, beside Acadia National Park, the ocean obtains several degrees warmer. At temperature levels listed below 50 ° F(10 ° C), swimming in an accordingly secured bikini is possible; otherwise, chilly shock as well as loss of breathing control impend. Even a brief swim, without thermal security, at temperature levels around 55.4 ° F (13 ° C) is not comfortable. Just the hardiest of swimmers can spend much time in the sea off north New England without a wetsuit.

August is the month with the greatest water temperature at 64.2 ° F/ 17.9 ° C. The month with the lowest is March with a typical water temperature level of 37.8 ° F/ 3.2 ° C. air temperature level is around 70 ° F/ 21.1 ° C, July is the month with the highest temperature. January is the coolest with 25.3 ° F/ -3.7 ° C average air temperature level. October is the month with the min. precipitation of 0in/ 1.2 mm and also December with limit. If you plan to visit this place, the month June, July, August, September would be the best time. So rather, you can use our substantial historical data to examine the sea temperature in your chosen place on the day of your passion in the last ten years. Select a month and because of this, you will certainly be able to obtain a fairly precise concept about the typical temperature level for now. Throughout the year, the water temperature in Old Orchard Beach does not climb above 20 ° C/68 ° F and therefore is not ideal for comfy swimming.