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scp bodies in the water


scp bodies in the water

Drone reaches what appears to be a collection of several control cells. A placard on the side of the entrance reviews “Entity 324, Scheduled for Termination 12/13/1975”. The drone gets in the doorway as well as observes a large control cell. The drone notices a human type in the edge of the area, covered in the thick, dark sludge.

Munru lights a flare and drops it, as well as the group watches it drop. After a short time, the flare lands with a mild splash, revealing the flooring below. They pass through several various other areas, consisting of a ransacked infirmary, a cafeteria room merged slag, and a wing of containment systems recognized as “Olympia Course” that are no much less than 100m in elevation. Ultimately, the team gets in a space off of the major hallway that seems a telecommunications center. A single television is brightened on a wall surface across from them.

What is scp207?

Official SCP Wiki Information
“SCP-207 refers to a crate containing 24 Coca-Cola brand cola drinks. The bottles are designated SCP-207-A to -X. SCP-207-B is currently the active bottle for testing, and no other bottles are to be opened without authorisation from two Level 4 researchers.

Munru projects an image of the entity to Nanku, who rounds the edge behind Munru. The team enters the service door, disclosing a partial staircase. The staircases over them are undamaged, but the staircases listed below have actually been damaged. The wall surfaces of the stairwell are covered in cracks, through which leaks the black fluid.

A sign on the wall surface simply inside the doorway shows that this is the 8th basement level, which it is a Euclid-class control wing. The drone is advised to move down the primary hallway and also seek a suitable location to descend to the next floor. T-5 Munru happens the edge of the hallway, tool drawn. His SCRAMBLE optical implant highlights an unsafe meme on the wall surface. At the far end of the corridor, a slightly humanoid entity, the exact same entity as seen throughout a previous remote drone expedition of SCP-1730, is seen making use of a wall surface with a long, curved finger.

Is SCP 682 a God?

SCP-682 is reptilian-like creature. Although, in his god form, SCP-682 has the power to destroy the structure of everything. His god form, with full potential, is still unknown, but we know that he has the power of an omnipotent being inside of him. No being can reach his power level, not even the creator.

As the drone comes close to the type, little triggers fire from its fingertips in the direction of the drone. Entity enters a maintenance storage room near the end of the initial corridor. Drone observes as entity extends a lengthy arm from under its external layer and also touches the flooring.


bodies, water

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