shark in the water degrassi


I would certainly practice dancing to this tune in the mirror and also wanting to be MJ 24/7. He’s certainly a significant ideas in just how I want to continue advancing as an entertainer.

Which suggests she had no idea she was drawn in to a lady. With Claire and also Eli, of course they are going to get together however I’ve listened to before that her or either Darcy was mosting likely to pass away in an auto wreckage. Yet fatality certainly has something to do with her or Eli. Maybe one of them devotes suicide since there have actually been attempts but no one has really done that.

With Bruce and also Johnny gone, Fitz has been advertised to main institution bully. Jenna was intended to be a partner thief in season 9, however it wasn’t all that reliable of a title for her.

Prior to i claim anything im mosting likely to claim i see this whole point as a metaphor at what goes on at senior high school … Like holly j as the ring leader i assumed it was brilliant. Like shes president and she knows exactly how to be in charge. Adam, every one i think has actually toenailed that. A woman that suches as to dress like a boy. If Fiona is a lesbian, possibly theyll date! hahaha wow I’m entertained by my creative imagination. Jenna and also KC, I mean the only thing that would fit is that she has a STD or some other disease.

Or possibly he’s suicidal which draws Clare towards him. Maybe she feels she requires to help him and they end up being enthusiasts. I do not believe they would introduce a new 10th quality personality simply to kill him off. If they go Season 11, which they probably will, They will need the more youthful characters to continue the program after Holly J, etc leaves.

Just think of rewriter back in season 1. I think a whole lot can occur with Fitz, particularly if the lockdown is brought on by among those 3 men that he’s tinkering in the promo. Personally i believe you obtained regarding everything right amandaplease, yet i likewise have some weird ideas that i can not release. Like if the individual who plays adam is a girl, why have “her” be called adam, why deficient vice versa with a woman name for the transgender. Possibly, and also im really simply tossing this around cause i do not recognize if this has been verified or otherwise, but what happens if “Adam” is a transvestite.

However I’m gon na break it down to what have actually got out of whatever. Lockdown’s in black, while the various other categories alternate in black as well as white. I’m not sure it will certainly be a suicidal occasion, yet something large is mosting likely to happen at that college. umm … I don’t assume there is any tourist attraction between these two in spite of what ANYBODY states.

shark in the water degrassi

i believe you people are all missing out on the truth that Drew is possibly the very first male bisexual on degrassi. they are matching him up with riley in the print advertisements for the new period in addition to this. Though there was a genuine absence of Declan in this promo and Holly J. So I’m thinking every little thing is great on the planet of “Mr and also Mrs Secondary school” this upcoming period. omg, i truly like the concept of jenna and adam! jenna is so whitebread, and she requires an experience like that to actually reveal her what love truly is.