July 20

there must be something in the water


There Must Be Something In The Water

there must be something in the water

When the chemical-ecology team safeguards sufficient information to support their repellent theory, they’ll fractionate the substances in the water right into courses in order to narrow the look for the specific chemical, if they can find the financing to continue. Shaughnessy manages the flume trials, which include contrasting a video clip of a crab’s behavior in control seawater and “octopus-conditioned” salt water– water in which the octopus has stayed in for 8– 10 hours. Preliminary results show that crabs respond in different ways in the two waters, moving upstream in the flume at a rather quick velocity in the control water and also far more slowly when octopus water is pumped in. The very same experiment will certainly be performed when the octopus’s food changes from environment-friendly crabs to bivalve mussels for a six-week duration. With financing from CSL and the Workplace of Undergraduate Research study, Shaughnessy made and established the 25′ x 11′ lab geared up with 2 recirculating salt water fish tanks as well as a speculative water network, or flume system.

The group thrills as the octopus furls and unfurls his arms, splaying out like a starfish across the aquarium glass and afterwards rolling across his bed of royal-blue gravel– a circus performer without a trapeze. As the professional photographer moves in for the animal’s close-up shot, the octopus reacts by changing appearance as if mindful, yet just for a moment. The octopus recently got a group of 3 visitors in addition to the two humans with whom he is most acquainted, chemistry lecturer John Terschak as well as undergraduate Ciaran Shaughnessy.


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