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Decks Constructed From Pressure

thompson's water seal home depot

You can apply some items with a yard sprayer or paint roller, but also for classic deck tarnish, a paint pad on an expansion post is best. Sealant remains on the surface area of the wood, providing a clear layer of defense that allows the timber grain reveal with.

Is Thompson’s Water Seal oil or water based?

Thompson’s® WaterSeal® Penetrating Timber Oil is an oil-based product that provides protection by penetrating into wood pores and sealing out water infiltration. Thompson’s® WaterSeal® Waterproofing Stains are water-based products that have film-forming properties to protect the wood by repelling water.

Semi-transparent discolor adds some color to the timber and provides a modest amount of UV protection. It is one of the most usual type of deck finish since it strikes the most effective balance between UV defense as well as a natural wood appearance. Solid discolor resembles paint, as it hides the timber’s grain virtually completely.


Decks built from naturally lovely woods such as cedar, redwood, mahogany, or exotic ipe must retain their personality. Yet do keep in mind that timber sealers mainly stop damage from wetness; they don’t block out damaging UV rays that damage down timber fibers and also discolor color. That indicates that in time, your sealed wood deck will tend to weather to a silvery grey, no matter its original shade.

thompson's water seal home depot

Apply an even covering of sealant or stain to all surfaces, operating in small areas and preserving a wet edge. After completing each area, inspect the finish for drips or merging, and also redistribute or wipe up all excess with your application tool or a clean dustcloth. Thompson’s ® WaterSeal ® Waterproofing Stains can be applied to damp wood, so you just have to wait concerning 2 hours to start applying discolor. A few of our other items call for that the timber dry for 2 days before applying a deck covering.

How long will pressure treated lumber last in the ground?

The Forest Products Laboratory and other research groups have shown that treated wood stakes placed in the ground for more than 40 years remain rot-free. But young pressure-treated decks, many less than 10 years old, are being shoveled into landfills.

Thompson’s WaterSeal items usually require only one application, but you can use a 2nd coat of discolor to darken the timber, if desired. Nonetheless, you have to wait on the very first layer to completely dry and also apply the 2nd coat within 4 hours of applying the very first layer. Clear sealant uses extremely little UV defense however keeps the all-natural color of the timber.

It is not suggested where decks go through substantial sun exposure. It also must be reapplied more frequently than many stains, generally yearly.

Can I use Thompson’s Water Seal on stained wood?

see less Q: Do I need to apply a clear waterproofer over my stain? Not with Thompson’s® WaterSeal® exterior stains. They are specially formulated so you get unsurpassed waterproofing protection and beautiful color at the same time. However, not all stains provide the same level of water repellency.

How Long Does Thompson Water Seal Take To Dry On Concrete?

Thompson’s WaterSeal consists of a complete line of deck sealants as well as stains for securing deck timber from wetness and sunshine. Applying a sealer and/or stain commonly is suggested each to 3 years, depending on the finishing product, deck use, weather conditions, as well as sun direct exposure. All Thompson’s WaterSeal products are DIY-friendly, and also a lot of need only a solitary application on a clean, dry deck.

Is Thompson’s Water Seal any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Love Thompson’s Water Seal with the harvest gold color! Basically, it takes your weather worn fence and restores it back to almost new looking boards, plus protecting it from the elements. I used my spray gun to apply, and a little goes a long way. Obviously, you can use a brush to apply it as well.

Apply sealer or tarnish to the deck railings, following the item directions; application approaches vary somewhat by product. A paint pad works well for the wide faces of railing as well as the balusters, while a paintbrush is best for edges and difficult situations. You can likewise use a sealer or tarnish with a yard sprayer.

Seal Or Stain The Railings


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