tiny titan compact water heater

The Tiny Titan hot Water Heater

tiny titan compact water heater

When any electrical water heater supplies chilly water, one of the most likely cause is loss of electrical power to the heating element. This is frequently because of a stumbled breaker generally electric panel. Resetting any kind of circuit breakers that seem tripped may recover power and warm water. The Tiny Titan likewise includes an inner high restriction switch that immediately shuts down power to the burner if water temperature levels increase hazardously high.

tiny titan compact water heater

The high restriction switch ought to not be reset till a certified plumbing professional has isolated the cause of the high temperature. The 2-1/2 gallon Tiny Titan portable hot water heater fumes water to isolated places, without complicated as well as expensive pipes as well as electrical setup. It mounts conveniently to a wall surface, under a sink or inside a cabinet. The Tiny Titan is ideal for damp bars, shopping center, beauty parlor, garages, as well as medical professionals’ offices. A common resource of water heater leak is a leaking pressure safety valve.

The device can be placed to a drywall or masonry wall with the safety valve plumbed to an appropriate drain or may be mounted on the flooring in a suitable drain frying pan. A lot of the Tiny Titan’s prospective operational issues and troubleshooting treatments take place to electrical water heaters of any ability. When water created by the Tiny Titan simply isn’t warm sufficient, the reasons vary from basic adjustments to home water consumption.

  • Using typical 120-V A/C power, the Tiny Titan heats up 2.5 gallons of water to a maximum temperature of 150 levels Fahrenheit.
  • A detachable electric resistance element inside the storage tank produces the heat.
  • Manufactured by American Hot Water Heater, the Tiny Titan portable electrical water heater products minimal quantities of hot water to a single specialized fixture in a home.
  • A lot of the Tiny Titan’s prospective functional concerns and also repairing treatments take place to electrical hot water heater of any type of capacity.

Made by American Water Heaters, the Tiny Titan small electric water heater materials restricted amounts of warm water to a single dedicated component in a household. Making use of basic 120-V AC power, the Tiny Titan warms 2.5 gallons of water to a maximum temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. A removable electrical resistance component inside the container generates the warmth.

Make certain the temperature control handle on the lower front panel is set to the facility default placement of 120 levels Fahrenheit. If progressing the thermostat doesn’t result in hotter water, a malfunctioning thermostat might be the wrongdoer. In a compact hot water heater, peak use of warm water at the fixture might just be surpassing the heater’s capacity to reheat water as fast as it is eaten.

Minimizing hot water consumption to match the system’s peak demand requirements may improve the temperature level. Lengthy pipe runs and sediment buildup in the heating system might likewise reduce water temperature.


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