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Roughly 63 million individuals do not have access to clean water, according to the World Health Organization. To resolve this problem, industrial designers Jung Uk Park, Myeong Hoon Lee as well as Dae You Lee generated the Life Sack.

In lots of locations of the globe the water dilemma is not an issue of scarcity– it’s a concern of giving access to a clean supply. The absence of access to tidy water as well as sanitation kills thousands of people each year, while many others struggle to fulfill their fundamental requirements. Once the food has been gotten, the sack can be utilized as a solar water purification set.

These pioneers saw a need, and also comprehended that they could do even more with what was currently out there. By changing traditional bags, these trendsetters not only permit convenient food supply to remote communities, however the straightforward purification of their alcohol consumption water. However, with the addition of a solar energy water purifier, they can now transform from a bag to carry food into a bag that makes local water sources secure to consume. It also has straps so it can be worn like a knapsack to take a trip from the water place to the community.

The designers knew that they could produce a better bag that could do so far more. So they created the Life Sack, as well as mosted likely to NGOs to have them replace their conventional food bags with a Life Sack. The Life Sack can be made use of to ship grains as well as various other food staples, yet then comes the innovative part.

In Mali we require low cost efficient method to supply tidy safe water to our residents. Giving away grains as well as other staples packed in sacks is not unusual for charities. Based on this technique, the life sack supplies the exact same service, originally carrying food.

  • As soon as the food has actually been obtained, the sack can be utilized as a solar water purification set.
  • The developers understood that they can produce a far better bag that might do so far more.
  • The absence of access to tidy water and sanitation eliminates thousands of people annually, while numerous others struggle to satisfy their fundamental demands.
  • In lots of areas of the globe the water dilemma is not a problem of deficiency– it’s an issue of offering access to a tidy supply.
  • In numerous locations of the world the water situation is not a concern of shortage– it’s a problem of supplying accessibility to a clean supply.

Life Sack Transforms Grain Sacks Into Water Filters

In several locations of the world the water situation is not a problem of shortage– it’s a problem of giving access to a clean supply. Jung Uk Park, Myeong Hoon Lee, as well as Dae Youl Lee are the commercial designers behind Life Sack- the ingenious water purification gadget. They saw that many NGOs were providing food to remote communities via conventional bags.

With one in 10 people currently without access to tidy water, this worldwide issue is placing daily. Despite having aid companies working to satisfy the needs for drinkable water, there are still a lot of locations going without it. Each makes the task of purifying water much easier and more readily offered to people from the remote towns of rural Africa to the crowded run-down neighborhoods of India.

The sack functions by using UVA radiation as well as its very own thermal therapy process to eliminate micro-organisms and bacteria staying in the water. A lack of access to clean water raises the propensity for water-borne diseases. Figures from THAT suggest that 760,000 kids under five die of diarrheal diseases annually.


Once the grain has been kept, people are able to make use of the sack as a water purification package. The Life sack uses SODIS innovation to filter contaminated water– UV-A-radiation and also the bag’s thermal treatment process work to eliminate deadly microbes and bacteria in water. As an included benefit, the sack can also be used like a knapsack for fast as well as easy motion from the resource to the community.


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