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which of the following statements regarding the oxygen atom of a water molecule is true



Hydrogen bonds connect hydrogen atoms already taking part in polar covalent bonds to anions or electronegative areas of other polar molecules. Hydrogen bonds link water particles, resulting in the buildings of water that are essential to living things. The hydrogen as well as oxygen atoms within water particles develop polar covalent bonds. The shared electrons invest even more time associated with the oxygen atom than they do with hydrogen atoms. There is no general cost to a water particle, however there is a minor positive cost on each hydrogen atom and also a mild unfavorable cost on the oxygen atom. As a result of these charges, the a little positive hydrogen atoms ward off each various other as well as form the one-of-a-kind form seen in Figure 2. Each water particle draws in various other water particles as a result of the favorable as well as unfavorable fees in the various parts of the molecule.

Molecules with polar covalent bonds have “posts”– regions of weakly favorable and also unfavorable cost– as well as have a triangular three-dimensional shape. An atom of oxygen and also two atoms of hydrogen kind water molecules using polar covalent bonds.

Water likewise brings in various other polar particles, creating hydrogen bonds. When a compound readily creates hydrogen bonds with water, it can dissolve in water as well as is referred to as hydrophilic (” water-loving”).

Each moment of life, atoms of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and also the other aspects of the human body are making and damaging chemical bonds. Ions are billed atoms that form when an atom contributes or approves one or more adversely charged electrons. In covalent bonds, the taking part atoms do not lose or gain electrons, yet instead share them. Particles with nonpolar covalent bonds are electrically well balanced, and have a direct three-dimensional shape.

Hydrogen bonds are not easily developed with nonpolar compounds like oils and fats. These nonpolar compounds are hydrophobic (” water-fearing”) and will not liquify in water. The adherence (” stickiness”) of water molecules to each various other is a superb instance of hydrogen bonding.


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