which statement best explains water’s ability to dissolve covalent compounds

Is Water Polar

Communication permits the growth of surface tension, the ability of a compound to endure being ruptured when positioned under tension or stress and anxiety. This is likewise why water develops droplets when positioned on a dry surface as opposed to being squashed out by gravity.

which statement best explains water’s ability to dissolve covalent compounds?

When a little scrap of paper is positioned onto the droplet of water, the paper floats in addition to the water droplet although paper is denser than the water. Communication and surface area tension keep the hydrogen bonds of water molecules undamaged and support the thing drifting on the top. It’s also possible to “float” a needle in addition to a glass of water if it is placed delicately without damaging the surface area tension. Have you ever filled a glass of water to the really top and then gradually added a couple of more declines? Before it overflows, the water creates a dome-like shape above the rim of the glass. In cohesion, water molecules are drawn in to every various other, keeping the molecules with each other at the liquid-gas (water-air) user interface, although there disappears room in the glass. Considering that water is drawn in to other molecules, sticky pressures pull the water towards various other particles.

Communication holds hydrogen bonds with each other to produce surface area tension on water. Communication permits compounds to endure rupture when placed under tension while adhesion is the attraction in between water and various other particles.