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yakuza 0 ah ha water


Nezu Yes! You See Kiryu.

Refer to Mr. Shakedown Takedown for an efficient money farming technique. Once the connection scale is at max, you can openly trade money from this Mr. Moneybags to the other one. You increase Simon’s friendship gauge by giving him particular tools.

These can be acquired from Dragon & Tiger Sotenbori. The moment it requires to get these weapons and also the possibilities you will receive them are impacted by just how much money you spend. Describe Eye of the Dragon and also Tiger to learn more.

Speak to the vendor and go after the individual who left as well as ask him to inform you the password. Head over to Taihei Blvd and ask her regarding her “Prepare for today” and “Tomorrow’s weather”. You’ll have a fight before she offers you her answers. After that, return to Li Leung as well as tell him what you heard. Those were “A film day” as well as “Rainfall at noon.” You’ll obtain the password for the seller, so head on back to him and inform him the password. This will certainly finish the substory and also you’re currently able to buy items from this seller whenever you please. The first quantity you spend is ¥ 10,000,000, after that ¥ 50,000,000, then ¥ 100,000,000, as well as finally ¥ 500,000,000.

He hands you the Benkei’s Amuletbefore avoiding, finishing the substory. As part of the story, Kiryu mosts likely to check out a place in Movie theater Square where he can make some cash. After heading downstairs and also talking with the homeless individual, use your brand-new ability by pressingand he’ll let you inside (you require at least ¥ 100,000 on you).

yakuza 0 ah ha water

This unlocks him as a friend where you’ll require to locate various other items to proceed in the partnership, but the substory finishes after the scene. You’ll discover this Mr. Shakedown straying around Kamurocho arbitrarily. He’s the person that’s built like a storage tank and beats cash out of you. He’s hard to miss out on given that he has a large cash counter over his head and towers above the other NPC’s. Examine Mr. Shakedown Takedown for some ideas on exactly how to defeat him.

He hands you the Hercules Gloves prior to avoiding, finishing this substory. Go over to Shellac in The Champ District, and also upon entering, Kasuga will talk to you. Later on in the conversation, you’re given a selection, but it matters not just how you reply to this. Go to the bottom left of Pink Alley and also you’ll overhear a conversation. Directly back to Pink Street once again as well as you’ll see Kasuga on the flooring. Approach him for a scene, then a man from the ring appears and begins a battle with you.

After that, you as well as Kasuga return to the bar, and as soon as the scene meaning the bartender’s true identification ends, so too does this substory. Get In the Kamuro Purchasing Area and also head southern along the main course. You’ll see two individuals standing there, as well as getting close to them will cause a scene.

After you have actually finished substory # 60, connect with the table in the workplace to write an additional postcard. Describe the list in substory # 59’s description to see all of the selections that result in the commentator reviewing them out. Once you have actually done that, leave the structure and after that re-enter. Engage with the radio for a scene where the announcer reads out Majima’s story. Considering that this is Majima’s 3rd postcard reading out on air, Kamiya mentions he has a surprise for him. Equally as he says that, Youda goes into the workplace and also informs Majima that an unusual guy is right here to see him.

As you approach the save point at Shofukucho South, the phone will certainly begin to ring. You’ll be tasked with acquiring a 9mm Automatic Pistol which you can get from The Dragon & Tiger Sotenbori. If this isn’t a choice for you, instead choose to do an “Devices Look”, pick Japan, and after that the Kanto Yakuza Family Members. Depending on the representative you select and also the quantity of cash you spend, the opportunity of getting the 9mm Automatic Hand gun varies. You can see this by checking out the “Tools Rate” section. When you at some point get the 9mm Automatic Pistol, head back to the conserve point at Shofukucho South and engage with it. Select to go down the weapon off as well as you’ll activate a scene.

After the scene, the substory ends, and you’re currently able to bet on Catfighting at the JCC. After you have actually completed substory # 26, interact with the desk to create an additional postcard. Refer to the list in substory # 25’s summary to see every one of the options that cause the commentator reviewing them out. Interact with the desk for a scene where the announcer reviews out Kiryu’s tale. Because this is Kiryu’s third postcard being read out on air, Kamiya discusses he has a surprise for him. The buzzer rings, and who would have believed it, it’s Kamiya!


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